Sunday, October 12, 2008

Trailing Clouds of Heaven: Vikings 12, Lions 10

I'm a Viking fan.

I don't care if the Vikes have to eke out an ugly two-point win against an inferior opponent--as long as they do eke it out.

I don't care if it is aided by questionable officiating calls (Viking fans long ago gave up the need to apologize for referees).

I don't care what a win indicates about what the team will do in the future: tomorrow will worry about itself.

I just want to see the Vikings win games.  However they do it, a Viking win fills me with pleasure (or in the case of today's game, relief).  It's a euphoria I enjoy.

I could complain (and there will be time for that).  But after three hours of feeling miserable, after Ryan Longwell made that field goal I started breathing heavy.  After the clock went to zero and the Vikings had the win, I just kept smiling with the overwhelming sense of relief.

The Vikings will need to play better, but that's for them to worry about.  For me, I'll just spend the week enjoying the Vikings' 3rd win of the season.

Today's Heroes:

Kevin Williams
This might have been Williams' greatest career game.  He was smothering, dominating, constantly penetrating the line of scrimmage.  He brought Lions down behind the line of scrimmage and he busted up plays to force them away.   In a 12-10 defensive fight when the offense is impotent and self-destructing, the Vikings needed Kevin Williams to consistently disrupt the Lions' offense.  And he did: let's show some appreciation for #93, arguable the league's best defensive lineman.

Kevin Williams was the best player on the field today.

Bernard Berrian
The offense struggled every which way today.  Even when the Vikes moved the ball with successful plays, turnovers or penalties hurt them.  In a tight defensive game, it's great to have an offensive player that can turn the game with a single play.  And Berrian did that: down 10-2, Berrian's 86 yard catch and run was the play of the game for the Viking offense.  In the last four games, Berrian has been a solid playmaking wide receiver.

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