Saturday, July 26, 2008

Weekend Blizzard

It wouldn't be a professional sports league unless a team that has clearly not been disrespected didn't claim to be disrespected. Don Banks on the New York Giants.

A Star Tribune article on Bernard Berrian.

Sid Hartman talks about QB controversies in Viking history. For some reason, it amuses me to reflect on a Fran Tarkenton-Tommy Kramer QB controversy.

Zygi Wilf is out fielding punts and stuff (Pioneer Press).

I'm juiced about Laurence Maroney as a fantasy running back (or am I?). Now the Pats also have Lamont Jordan (Yahoo!). Is Lamont Jordan worth a late fantasy pick? No.

Should you pay any attention to Strength of Schedule for fantasy football analysis? Scott Pianowski says you shouldn't. The other thing I've been mulling over: should you pay attention to a team's new offensive coordinator?

Marvin Harrison practiced (USA Today).

An amusing enough fantasy mailbag with Michael Fabiano.

Football Outsiders examines Hall of Fame love by franchise. This is just part one--part two will include the Vikings.

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  1. Anonymous8:28 AM

    I'm on the fence with Maroney. He's a good enough back, they have an easy schedule (especially against the run), the Pats will be playing with a lead a lot, and he's a former Golden Gopher.

    However, he's not all that consistent and just didn't put up great numbers last year. What's a drafter to do?

    I say draft him if he falls, then trade to bolster other positions. He's bound to have a good game at some point early on; that might be the best time to deal him.