Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's somebody else's turn to get infatuated with Troy Williamson's speed

Jason Cole at Yahoo! talks about Troy Williamson in Jacksonville.

There's also more talk about his past problems with dropped passes, with hope that it's in the past. Some other team's fans can get false hope from articles about how Williamson's dropped passes became a mental problem and he's really moved past it (though I've seen little discussed on another of Williamson's problems as a receiver: while he's fast enough to get open downfield, in his pro career he has always shown major problems adjusting to a ball in the air).

Williamson also talks about his bad relationship with Brad Childress, which is interesting.

Maybe we don't know what the Vikings are going to get in Bernard Berrian or Sidney Rice. And maybe Troy Williamson will really develop into an effective player. But I'm happier about the team's WRs this summer than I was last summer.

(so much so, Hazelweirders, that I'm thinking about using the 10th and 11th picks in Sunday's draft on Bernard Berrian and Sidney Rice. But don't hold me to that).


  1. With the fourth pick in the 2008 Hazelweird Draft...Troy Williamson. It's happening. I heard his time in the Nike camp really paid off this year. Mark me down as a T-Will backer.

  2. Anonymous8:54 AM

    a month or so ago nfl.com had video of williamson making circus catches. one handed grabs as he spun around. so, there you go, this year he's that guy. 2008's robert ferguson.


  3. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Please publish the results of your fantasy draft. I'm curious to see what was smoke, what was mirrors, and what was actually deceptively true.