Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fill your head with fantasies of Jackson to Berrian

According to the Pioneer Press, Tarvaris Jackson and Bernard Berrian have been spending a lot of time working on football together.

I'm starting to believe. There's no reason for people to have great faith that Tarvaris Jackson will star this season--but I also see no reason to have firm belief that he'll suck, either.

And as Michael Lombardi writes, "I can't think of one player who will control the won/loss record of any team in the NFL more than Tarvaris Jackson."

This is why I'm having such trouble making a prediction on the Vikings' record. If Jackson struggles, I think the Vikes will go 7-9 (whether or not he gets benched). If Jackson plays competent football, I think the Vikes could win as many as 12 games. 10-6 or even 11-5 seems like a pretty reasonable prediction, but it really depends on Jackson's ability to consistently make plays and make good decisions.


  1. It's early but the Star Trib's blog had a brief rundown of Jackson's performance yesterday in team drills. Some good but plenty of bad, too. Lots of missed throws, near interceptions and interceptions interspersed with a few nice throws.

    This is pretty much the Tarvaris Jackson we came to know and fear last season. One wonders what Jackson will do when the actual games start.

  2. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Here's an accurate prediction for you: I'll be keeping a bottle of Maalox within arm's reach during all of the Vikings games.

  3. Jackson to Berrian!! I'm liking it!

    Thought I would share...

    New Vikings training Camp photos.

    Keep Up the great work, see you next week (we already added you to our links page) SKOL VIKINGS!

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