Monday, July 21, 2008


In ESPN's Training Camp power rankings, the Vikes are 11th.

Cold, Hard Football Facts provides some fun stat stuff for 2008.

Antonio Gates or Jason Witten? Yahoo! discusses it.

According to USA Today, Adrian Peterson is the second best current running back.

Peter Schrager of Fox Sports looks at the NFC North.

In USA Today's quarterback rankings, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning tie for #1. I'm glad. A lot of people rank Brady ahead of Manning after the 2007 season, but if this poll were done last summer, Manning would come out #1. What really strikes me is what happens from #3 on. There's no debate about the top two, but starting at #3, you could shift those rankings all around.

At Football Outsiders, Mike Tanier provides personality profiles based on your fantasy football drafting style. Take note, Hazelweirders: according to Tanier, the sort of person that picks WRs with his or her first two picks is a self-righteous vegan hippie.


  1. Anonymous2:40 PM

    in other words, you'll be taking WRs in the first two rounds?

  2. Witten has to go over Gates, and that's tough for me to even say.

    I like a fantasy strategy of going RB WR RB RB in the first four rounds. Always seems to work for me. Although I got lucky to have Kurt Warner and Derek Anderson as my QBs.

  3. that was pretty informative and I just found out about things that I was not aware of, so thank you very much for the heads-up buddy!