Monday, July 14, 2008

Blizzard: July is a Time for Lists

Cold, Hard Football Facts discusses the five most underrated quarterbacks in history.

Defensive Indifference looks at the top 20 current Minnesota Vikings.

USA Today ranks the top wide receivers of the Super Bowl era and today. I think wide receiver is still my favorite position--there are a lot of wide receivers I really enjoy watching play.

Roger Rotter ranks his fantasy quarterbacks and fantasy wide receivers. I think Ben Roesthlisberger is the most overrated fantasy quarterback of 2008. I doubt he can hit 32 touchdowns again, and he only averaged around 200 yards per game last season. I expect something like 3,500 yards and 25 touchdowns from Roethlisberger, which is the sort of fantasy production 10 quarterbacks will probably meet or top next season. Not that it matters to me: I always trade for Matt Hasselbeck sometime mid-season and ride him out as my starter.

Dr. Z looks at some historical examples of great quarterbacks finishing out their careers on different teams.

How bland is July? is taking the entire week to rank Adrian Peterson's top moments of 2007. This was the perfect time of the year for He Who We Wish Not To Speak About to start putting himself in the news again, if his goal was to dominate all football coverage. Just about every mainstream football website features Favre in the big main page photo and with the lead stories. And why not? The only other thing to do in July is make lists.

At TrueHoop, Maurice Brooks talks about Kevin Love.

MN Sports Hotdish compares Carlos Gomez to Torii Hunter's early days with the Twins.

Beyond Shinders

People collect sports cards for different reasons. I just like to get cheap, attractive cards of players I like. So I'm thrilled that Beyond Shinders, a sports card store in the Twin Cities, is bringing back the best feature of the old Shinders: the specials box. Rows and rows of star cards, most priced at 29 cents. They also have "commons" boxes, which feature a lot of star cards for 10 cents each. It's a nice feature for people who like to spend a lot of time in card stores looking, and for people who like to get cards without spending much money at all.

Brett Favre
I don't care.

Fantasy Football Fever
The Hazelweird League draft is now less than three weeks away. I chose to pick last in the first round, so I get to pick #10 and #11. I've got mad schemes for those picks. Mad schemes.


  1. if you always trade for Hasselbeck halfway through the season, why not target him late in the draft and replace your Manning/Brady/Romo/Brees/Palmer/Anderson pick with RB or WR depth, or even a top notch TE that could fall to you in round 5? I realize your fantasy opponents read this blog and you can't divulge much (if anything); I just wanted to throw that suggestion out there.

    have you tried the mock fantasy drafts at Pretty fun. You can pick a 10 team draft and pick spot 10 for practice.

  2. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I became less interested in "Cold, Hard Football Facts" rankings when I saw that their only real criteria was passer rating. While I agree that guys like Earl Morrall and Ken Anderson are underrated, their methodology is not especially convincing.

  3. Thank you for not caring about Brett Favre. After reading about the second part of his interview with Fox, I've lost a lot of respect for the guy. He's tried to dictate the team's personnel and roster decisions in the past (who knows for how long he was appeased). It seems to me that TT brought in McCarthy to be the guy that tells Brett, "no." That's a role that was missing since Holmegren left the Packers and Favre probably got his way until TT came to power. That's all I'm going to say on this, because I'm growing tired of all the Favre coverage.