Monday, June 02, 2008

A running back's best skill is being a running back

Dominic Rhodes is a running back. His position is running back. He's also returned 135 kicks in his career, and caught 101 passes. But he's run the ball 625 times in his career because he is a running back (550 going into 2007).

That might be why on the back of Dominic Rhodes' 2007 Bowman football card (#35), the following is listed under "Skills:"

"Running the football is the best part of his game"

If running the football is the best part of Rhodes' game, then I am glad that he became a running back. Can you imagine if it said "playing pass defense is the best part of his game"? What if it said "tackling ball carriers is the best part of his game"?

Julius Jones is also a running back. He's had 885 career carries (721 going into 2007). He's had 84 receptions. He's never returned a kick or a punt. He doesn't make tackles, and he doesn't get interceptions.

And listed under "Skills" on his 2007 Bowman football card (#34):

"At his best when carrying the ball."

That's also good news. If Jones is actually at his best when covering wide receivers, kicking field goals, throwing passes, or blocking defensive tackles, then throughout his career coaches have been badly misusing Jones. Luckily, coaches have realized Jones is at his best when carrying the ball (not kicking off, not tackling ball carriers, not throwing passes, not punting, not running routes), he has played running back.

(Thanks to Holy Hitter for getting these cards and pointing out the amazing scouting reports on the backs).

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