Friday, June 27, 2008

Goodbye Timberwolves.......

Last night I went to bed excited about this year in the NBA. I was ready to watch the first player the Timberwolves had acquired via the draft since Kevin Garnett that could actually turn into a superstar. And then ......... I woke up. It was a dream wasn't it.... It had to be. I got onto the internet and looked again at my post and we had drafted OJ Mayo, but then I traveled the roads of the internet a little bit more and BAM! It was a dream. There was no way that Kevin McHale was going to let Timberwolves' fans actually get excited about a superstar. No we have to watch Kevin Love.

Now it isn't that I don't like Kevin Love. I think Kevin Love will be a solid NBA player and his basketball IQ is outstanding. He is a guy who watches old NBA footage to learn how the game was played. That is a great thing and I like it, but......Kevin Love will not be a superstar. He will at best be a double-double guy that can put up 17 and 10 or something like that. A solid piece but not an OJ Mayo level of stardom and excitement.

I wish Kevin Love the best this year, but I for one will not be watching him play because I am done with Kevin McHale and the Timberwolves. Glen Taylor if you read the internet: PLEASE CUT THE UMBILICAL CHORD THAT IS BETWEEN YOU AND MCHALE. HE IS DESTROYING YOUR INVESTMENT ONE BAD TRADE AFTER ANOTHER! Seriously, with Mayo fans would have been excited and actually paid to watch the Twolves, but who in their right mind would pay to go watch Kevin Love if they had a free night and were looking for something to do. Bad business decision. Bad basketball decision.

Mike Miller is at least a sharpshooter and that is nice, but please tell me they buy out Brian Cardinal's contract because I cannot stand to see him in a Twolves uniform. Well on the bright side, Marco Jaric is no longer on the team to remind me of one of McHale's other idiotic trades of Sam Cassell and a future 1st rounder (still owed to the Clippers) for Jaric.

Well, I wonder if we can win the lottery next year and be able to draft Greg Monroe, wait you tell me even if they did they would trade him for a bunch of assets and get Kyle Singler instead. You are probably right.

Well at least I have Duke Basketball to look foward to. (Who knows maybe if I have my son [pictured above] study nothing but film of Kevin McHale playing bastkeball he too could be a Timberwolves player in 16 years....we all know Kevin McHale will still be the GM)


  1. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Obviously I was pretty excited when we talked on the phone last night, and my initial reaction when I turned on SportsCenter this morning was disappointment twinged with rage, but I can sort of get behind this trade. More than you I'm gathering.

    I think Mayo will be a very good player, possibly an All-Star, and definitely the best player in this trade. However, the Wolves got the 2nd and 3rd best players and unloaded the very same shit contract of Marko Jaric I told you was unmovable last night. Granted they took back the nearly as shit contract of Brian Cardinal, but better to have a shorter shit contract of a big man than the redundancy of Jaric. Of course the downside is that the Timberwolves have the potential to be the worst defensive team in the league if they put Jefferson, Love, and Miller on the floor at once. They better figure out how to rebound from a zone D quickly.

    The biggest reason I can get behind this deal is because I think Love actually wants to be a Timberwolf. I think at best Mayo was a rental assassin who probably would have done his time in MSP and leave via FA ASAFP. He came to USC to get LA exposure and become a household name. My feeling is that he wasn't going to be happy in MN.


  2. I should add that this trade makes me wish they'd kept Chalmers more. He's going to be a great defender at the point which they definitely could use now.