Friday, June 20, 2008

Fantasy Football: I don't need your stinking magazine

I try to save little bits of money wherever possible, and so I rarely purchase a fantasy football magazine. There are just so many web sources with valuable fantasy football information, that I just see a magazine as an unnecessary expense (though it is certainly a useful reference during a draft). So here are just a few of the good fantasy football resources I check out online when preparing for a fantasy draft. You probably know about these things already (I sincerely doubt I'm introducing Yahoo! fantasy sports to anybody here, just praising it), and there are obviously more. And of course a lot of football bloggers also occasionally write up some fantasy stuff.

There are all sorts of websites with detailed statistical information on individual players. Not surprisingly, I prefer The page is simple to use, loaded with detailed statistical information (including game logs, a necessity if you are going to do your own statistical analysis and rankings), and very hyperlinked.

Yahoo! Fantasy Sports has a lot of the same information you could get from a magazine. The positional rankings could use more statistics, but I've found a lot of interesting articles exploring different fantasy angles (like what to do with pick six, or this interesting look at top five lists).

There are also good blogs with fantasy focus--some of my favorites are Pancake Blocks and Footballguys Blog (though this hasn't been updated as much lately).

These are the sites I peruse for stats and fantasy football discussion and analysis. But I'm on the lookout for more: I'm just starting to get the fantasy football jones (usually it starts much earlier--I've grown up, baby!), and I'm always ready to hear about useful free sites. Any recommendations?


  1. it's not free, but it's not super expensive either. the only site I really read.

  2. Anonymous2:47 PM

    This is a sweet new take on fantasy football. The Fantasy Training Camp game allows you to fine-tune your play-calling skills before the pre-season kicks off August 3rd! No major skill necessary, just a general knowledge of the game to win.

  3. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Check out Sports Data Hub ( Sports Data Hub will provide interactive football data capabilities that will make your football research fun, easy, and more productive. The beta site will be live in early August in time to be used for your 2008 fantasy football draft preparation. The community is live now and active. Register for free on the site.

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