Friday, June 20, 2008

Dr. Z picks the Vikings to win the Super Bowl

What!?! What!?!

Dr. Z is picking the Minnesota Vikings to win the Super Bowl. No, not like, someday. This year.

People, to be honest, the Vikings aren't even winning a Super Bowl in my dreams. I've had all sorts of dreams about the Vikings winning and losing all sorts of games, but not even my subconscious will allow me to see them win a championship.

In the last decade or so, I've read a lot of off-season prognostications that featured the Vikings in the Super Bowl. Also in the last decade or so, I've compiled a list of every time I've actually seen the Vikings in the Super Bowl. This list is entirely paperless (trying to save the earth and all). Somehow I've managed to keep this list in my head.

So thanks, Dr. Z, for filling my soul with wild dreams. And thanks for encouraging a fan base that is already willing to believe this is the year, every year.

(hat tip to Daily Norseman).


  1. To tell the truth the schedule looks favorable for the Vikes to get into the playoffs.I only see 3 games which could cause problems, 9/14 Indy,9/21 Carolina,12/28 Giants and even then with a good Pass Rush and Def those could go either way.
    This could very well be a year to watch the Vikes go to the big dance.Might just well be worth a $100 in Vegas on the Vikes this year.It could happen.

  2. Anonymous2:21 PM

    what is it about the vikings that inspires these flourishes of national optimism every few years? this isn't the first vikings team to be so preordained.