Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kevin Love: Superstar

Kevin Love has the potential to be a superstar--just not if you have a narrow vision of what a superstar is. Love is a guy that modeled his game after Wes Unseld, a guy who won MVP in a year that he averaged 13.8 points per game, a guy who was elected to the NBA 50 team with a career scoring average of 10.8 points per game. But Wes Unseld was a superstar. What did he bring you? Great rebounding (eight seasons in the top five in rebounds per game), dominant defense, and unselfish passing.

Most importantly, he brought you wins. He played in 119 playoff games, was an NBA Finals MVP, and won a championship.

Kevin Love can be a superstar. In the short term, I'm having dreams of Love throwing the outlet pass to Mike Miller, a fun transition player. In the long term, I've fantasizing about Love playing dominant playoff games and leading the Timberwolves to a championship.

I'm not giving up on this team. This team is just getting started.


  1. This post is nothing but an UCLA love fest.

    Kevin Love will not be a superstar in any way. He will be a role player. He will never be in the top 5 in rebounding in the NBA and if he ever is on playoff teams that win games it will because the team has a superstar leading them and it wont be Kevin Love.

    I think he is a good player and I am okay with the trade (but only because it shed those crappy contracts), but he is not a superstar at all.

  2. PV:

    I thought Mayo was your man?

  3. Schmuk is right. Love is not going to be a superstar player. But I like this trade because I think Love can be a *gulping down the fUCLA loathing* championship player. I know this is mightily preemptive, but I think KL can be the kind of complimentary player that can lift up the Wolves. He definitely has the potential to be a unique player.
    The Wolves have transformed their roster with some potentially good young players, and they have have Miami's draft pick next year (which may not be worth much because it's looking like a weak draft year, and I think Miami is going to be a playoff team in the East) so there is a small hope that Wolves may actually be on to something.
    I like Mayo, and I'll cheer for him because he chose to spend a year at the University of South Central, but my ceiling for him is Gilbert Arena who can defend.

  4. I wanted Mayo, but Love really doesn't disappoint me (plus Mike Miller!).

    I just wanted to respond to the fellow contributor who claims he's giving up on the Wolves now. I wanted Mayo, but I can get behind Love.