Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tempered Enthusiasm

It looks like #69 formerly of the Kansas City Chiefs will now be a Minnesota Viking. I am excited that the Vikings added an explosive DE to help alleviate pressure on the secondary coverage. Pressure put on the QB is absolutely essential.

However did they pay too much? I for one am happy and worried. I wasn't going to make much out of Allen being a risk because of his alcohol issues, but when you are making him the highest paid defensive player in the NFL and giving up a 1st rounder and (2) 3rd rounders I think the risk management was thrown out the window.

I think the Vikings are right to pay Allen the money, but giving up (2) 3rd rounders along with that 1st rounder makes the Vikings look like they are taking risk-management pointers from UBS. Seriously, that is banking alot on one player to make a big splash for your team. Is Jared Allen the type of player who could turn the Vikings into one of the beasts of the NFC? I think so, but he is also the type of player that could make the Vikings a two-time all-star on the idiotic trade team with one drive after a night at the bar.

I am excited to have Allen as a Viking, but I think we may have paid too much. (There goes my hopes of seeing Andre Woodson putting on the Purple and Gold via a 3rd round choice, but that was already a hope that Woodson would slip down there).

Now what will they do with that 2nd round pick they still have? Trade Down to acquire extra picks? Draft a WR? TE? QB?

Watching the NFL Draft as a Viking fan just lost a little bit of its luster, but at least I will be able to drown the boredom by drinking in celebration of Jared Allen. Skol Vikes!

**Addendum** How many others have suspicions that the Philadelphia Eagles being rumored to be interested in Allen made the Vikings pull the trigger on the extra third rounder? Especially with Philly having plenty of picks.


  1. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Considering one of the few holes on the Vikings is filled by the trade I think the picks were worth it. My only hope is Chad Clifton holds up as well against Allen as he did last year.


  2. I'm with you about looking forward to seeing the Vikings pick Andre Woodson or Josh Johnson from USD in the third round.

    That being said, as I wrote over at the Ragnarok, I'm excited about this pick. And heck, the Purple could always draft a quarterback with their second round pick if they really want to.

  3. Anonymous9:57 AM

    I vote for TE in round 2. Fred Davis. If not, then Chad Henne or Joe Flacco would be exciting.

    I'm considering quitting my job and offering to be Jared Allen's permanent personal driver, tips only. But I'm really hoping he'll keep out of trouble on his own and bring an enormous positive impact to the team all year, and for many years to come.

    I do think Philly's entering the frasy caused Minnesota to hurry up. Good call.

  4. Anonymous10:48 AM


    I think TE would be a good pick in round 2 but we will just have to see who is there. Really, I almost think any position could be taken with that 2nd rounder. I wouldn't be disappointed if they took a safety either.

    As I was looking forward to the draft I had two hopes. First, that Andre Woodson would fall to us with our first 3rd round selection and then with the next 3rd round selection we would take John Carlson from Notre Dame. But alas, those dreams were dashed quickly. I am happy we got Jared Allen, but as my post tried to communicate I am fearful the Vikings have thrown risk-management out the window much like UBS in the sub-prime morgtage game.

    If Chad Henne is wearing Purple and Gold next year because we took him in the 2nd round I will be sick. I just plain don't like him, but maybe that is because the only Michigan players I like are the WRs.

  5. Anonymous11:50 AM

    I understand your concern. I see both sides of the Allen trade coin, but I'm focus on the upside more than the potential loss that those picks represent. Minnesota has done much better in drafting the last couple of years, and I had confidence that they would find good value in rounds 2 and 3, maybe further.

    That said, I think Allen kind of fills two holes. Pass rush is obvious, but I think it'll also help our QB not have to play from behind as much. With our pass defense improved, opposing teams will have to run more just to keep Minny's D honest, and that will result in fewer points allowed. One very strong theme I saw in Jackson's play last year was that he's MUCH better when the Vikings are winning than when they are behind. That's true of many QBs, but even more so in Jackson's case. I think he'll have a higher rating, completetion %, and TD-INT ratio this year.

    I don't feel strongly about Henne one way or the other, I just keep seeing that he and Flacco are good enough to go in round 2. Personally, I'd prefer Flacco, but that might just be because I heard rumors that Indy was eyeballing him (and we all know that they were a pretty good judge of Manning back in the day).

  6. Anonymous1:59 PM


    I agree with you. The one factor I don't think many people are considering is how Jared Allen is going to improve our OFFENSE. Field position is key in the NFL, and without a pass-rushing DE the Vikings had a bend-not-break mentality that led to us often starting inside our 20 (heck often inside our 10) and with Allen that starting field position should go up and thus AP's opportunities to score and Tarvaris Jackson's management should hopefully improve.

    I like the signing and I am excited, but as the post says I am "tempering my enthusiasm" if only because I am trying to keep from getting too excited. I cannot and will not be like WWTB! and other Vikings fans and get on the whole we found the missing piece to the puzzle, Super Bowl here we come. I think our chances are alot better, but I can't see proclaiming that in April.