Sunday, April 06, 2008

Chris Paul

I'm under the impression that Chris Paul can do anything he wants to on a basketball court. He leads the league in assists per game (11.5) and steals per game (2.66); the last player to lead the league in both categories in the same year was John Stockton in '92. He's averaging 21.3 points per game; the last player to lead the league in assists per game and average 20+ points per game was Magic Johnson in '87.

When has the league seen a better combination of passer, scorer, and defender at the point guard position? Watch New Orleans play basketball, folks: you'll see something special.


  1. You just mentioned him - Magic Johnson

  2. Anonymous6:56 AM

    i still haven't seen the guy play. he's probably the MVP at this point and i have no idea what his game looks like. when are these games on? The only teams I see on tv are phoenix and dallas and boston. maybe kobe or lebron every few weeks.


  3. Unfortunately, I haven't seen N.O. play much either--I'm hoping a lot of their playoff games are televized, and then they get a lot of TNT games next season. I've hardly seen him play either. Pretty much all I want to do is watch Dwight Howard and Chris Paul, but they're never televized.

    I was checking out Hornets-Warriors yesterday, then the local network switched to the Wild hockey game (which was already on another station too!).

    Here's what I see in Paul: nobody has any ability to stop him from getting into the lane, plus he can shoot. There is no hope to defend him--he's the most complete PG I've probably seen (Kidd is like a U.N. Peacekeeping Mission: he can't shoot).