Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Midweek Blizzard

Purple Kool-Aid cites the #17, #73, and #82 picks in the last two drafts to suggest the Vikes didn't give up too much for Jared Allen. Nameless draft picks always sound nice; when you look back at past drafts with names attached to numbers, it's less thrilling.

Patrick Reusse writes about the Jared Allen signing. I've written in the past about the obvious contempt Reusse shows for Viking fans. I'm getting over it: columnists like Tom Powers (when he's not treating Viking fans with condescension, he's outright insulting us) and Jim Souhan (whose column strategy seems to be "What do Viking fans think and how many bad jokes can I inject into a column arguing the opposite?") make Reusse the most likeable sports columnist in the Twin Cities.

Dr. Z on the Vikings draft: "Are you counting DE Jared Allen, the big-league pass rusher who came from the Chiefs for draft choices? You are? Then I love their draft. But only if they help him beat the drinking problem. One DUI and it's a bad mistake. Two and it's a problem. QB John David Booty (fifth round) from USC is an interesting choice since the position is far from locked up."

The T-Wolves should hire Avery Johnson or Mike D'Antoni: you think T-Wolves fans will be complaining about first round playoff losses anytime soon? Kevin McHale should then turn full personnel control over to a donut.

At Epic Carnival, an optimist/pessimist look at the NFC North's draft. As Bruce McCullough playing a vaudevillian says, an optimist looks at a glass of water as half full; a pessimst says the glass is half full, but you might have bowel cancer.

Big news coming soon in the PV landscape. Shiver in antici_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ pation.

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  1. Anonymous12:32 AM

    Kevin McHale should be banned from the NBA for life with his Celtics collusion.