Friday, April 18, 2008

Logs in our eyes

Mike Florio of PFT:

I'm not sure a person that makes fun of people for being overweight, gives people inane nicknames, labels human beings "turds," or posts silly and insulting photoshopped images is in a good position to question a person's maturity because he makes reference to a sexual act.


  1. Agree on that point. Still the Vikings better be wary of Allen's history and make sure that they trust him to stay on the straight and narrow before they trade him/sign him to a big contract

  2. Anonymous10:48 PM

    i have to agree with you about florio. he's also a big hypocrite and a racist to boot.

    he regularly posts with typos, misspellings, and poor grammar, but still makes fun of emmitt smith for his difficulties with english usage and style.

    the worst part is that florio also slams on tiki barber for using what he finds to be overly sophisticated language. you'll note, however, that florio never attacks aikman for his confounding addition of the subjunctive tense to every sentence. nor does he attack al michaels for using ridiculously arcane words.

    seemingly, florio doesn't care how white announcers sound but has specific limits on precisely how black commentators should speak: not too well and not too poorly, just in their proper place.

    and he also posted "the new trade chart" as if it were his own invention, without citing ESPN, when the very same chart had been in ESPN magazine just a week or so earlier.