Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Draft Keyword: Radar

When the NFL draft is approaching, NFL teams suddenly become air traffic controllers.

At Foxsports, Chris Steuber says "with a new year comes an opportunity for once unheralded and under-the-radar prospects to take their lumps in the draft, prove that they were misevaluated and show their talent at the next level."

Peter Mucha of the Philadelphia Inquirer categorizes the players that are "NO LONGER ON THE RADAR."

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald finds there's "more evidence that Darren McFadden is not on the Dolphins' radar."

The headline of a Brad Biggs blog at the Chicago Sun-Times reads "Forte on Angelo's radar."

At the Houston Chronicle, John McClain says "They're not sleepers, but three prospects flying under the radar who could be drafted higher than you think are Tennessee quarterback Erik Ainge, Tulane running back Matt Forte and Nebraska cornerback Zack Bowman."

Mike Garafolo in the Star-Ledger says that "Cherilus wasn't the only lineman on the Giants' radar today."

And there are a whole lot of other sportswriters at major news outlets talking about radars. There are a lot of players that are on a team's radar, a lot of players that are off a team's radar, and even a lot of players that are flying under the radar.

If you want to read up on the draft ahead of time, you're going to read a lot about radars.


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