Sunday, December 16, 2007

Yep, and I just typed a rare "e"

I love when announcers refer to a Brett Favre interception as "a rare mistake" from Favre.

Nobody in NFL history has thrown more interceptions than Brett Favre. But a Favre INT is "a rare mistake." Classic.


  1. Anonymous8:37 PM


    I know the Favreophilia drives you nuts, but you know better than I that gross number of interceptions isn't the whole story. Looking at interceptions thrown as a percentage of attempts Favre's 3.2% is just a bit higher than guys like Marino, Elway and Aikman just to name a few. All those guys were at 3% or a hair above.

    And no, I am not disputing that the interceptions today were horrible throws and that he makes his share of blunders.



  2. Just remember that he is one the NFLs prided sons. So that means no matter how much he does wrong. It will be ignored and overly praised for all the positive things that he does.

  3. Oh, the gross numbers don't tell the whole story in evaluating the player; still, it sounds sort of silly calling a Favre INT "a rare mistake" when he's thrown more than anybody ever has.

  4. Oh, but didn't you know that the majority of Favre's INTs have been scrappy, trying-to-make-things-happy INTs? Those don't count as much as the ones thrown by, say, Joey Harrington, who throws INTs for the specific purpose of "just fucking around." :P

  5. Er...happen, not happy. Though I suppose "happy" works in a weird way.

  6. Anonymous2:26 AM

    Phrase it a different way - Brett Favre has more passing touchdowns than anyone else, but no announcer would ever call a passing TD from Favre a "rare occurrence"

    Favreophilia is a disease, my friends.

    Also, word verification Is and Js look the same to me. Ugh.