Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Five Year Tease

Let's look at the Vikings' records at their peak moments of the past five seasons.

2003: 6-0
2004: 5-1
2005: 8-5
2006: 4-2
2007: 8-6

In those five years, the Vikings have never won 10 games in a season, and they've never won the NFC North. In each of these seasons the Vikes were doing enough to make us believe they could be something, but ultimately turned out to be merely teasing us. They made the playoffs in 2004 and won a playoff game at Lambeau Field, and that was good fun, of course; still, it's hard not to look back and see disappointed hopes.

We still don't know about 2007: if the Vikings beat Denver and Washington loses to Dallas, the Vikes will have made their second playoff appearance during these five seasons. Still, it feels like once again we've been teased.


  1. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Over the years, this team of ours has provided us with some real stomach punches (to steal a phrase) 4th and 25, Anderson misses his first FG of the year (not the reason we lost, but typical) the beatdown in the Meadowlands, the list goes on. Yet after all of that, I still manage to get excited every season, I guess we are all just gluttons for punishment.

  2. Anonymous12:04 PM

    I'm hoping Minnesota will create a renewed excitement by putting on an impressive show in Denver this week, but I'm torn about the possible outcomes of the Dallas/Washington game. Might it be better for the Vikings to stomp the Broncos and then miss the playoffs to avoid the likely embarassment that would follow?