Saturday, December 29, 2007

Minneapolis-St. Paul is a nicer place to live than Boston (1)

I live with a pretty strong conviction that I'll never see my favorite sports team win a championship. Like Fox Mulder, I want to believe, but like George Costanza, I only believe in God for the bad things.

So watching Boston sports fans get everything

So while Boston sports fans are watching their teams win at everything and Minnesota sports fans live in a hopeless void, we must remind ourselves: we're better off.

So here's reason #1 that Minneapolis-St. Paul is a nicer place to live than Boston: theater. While they now get to watch Kevin Garnett (with competent teammates), we're too busy waiting for Tony Kushner to debut a new play at the Guthrie to really care.


  1. Of course, Boston fans are within driving distance of NYC, which is #1 for theatre. Just saying.

    Anyway, I feel personally responsible for the success of the Pats. Randy Moss is ours, and always will be. And they were never undefeated until he was on their team. So, if it weren't for Moss/MN, they would just be some great team. But now they are the best.

    I will expect thank you notes and/or muffin baskets from all Boston sports fans. You may send them to me at work or at home. And I shall revel in your glory as though it were my own.

    Yay!! We are winners!

  2. tony kushner! scoff!