Sunday, December 23, 2007

Signs of Hope

Unlike many other bloggers I am going to look for hope in the midst of despair. The 2nd half a totally different offense showed up. Jackson was handling the offense and making crisp passes and pretty good reads. Childress showed he could make half-time adjustments. Of course the challenge by Gibbs was a smart move by him, but totally killed the momentum we had going.

While Childress and Jackson showed signs of hope in the 2nd half, that first half was inexcusable. Childress as a head coach should have known that Washington was going to stack the box and he should have game planned to throw them out of it right away. Throwing on first down and lining up in constant 3 WR sets to spread out the defense. Oh well, I have hope.

Washington needs to lose and the Vikings have to win. We can do it (at least I hope). I for one welcome Childress and Jackson back next year, but I do hope that the Vikings acquire a veteran QB via free agency to replace the two hacks that we have. Fact is as bad as Jackson was in the 1st half he still is better than either Bollinger or Holcomb could have done. (They would have each been sacked at least 5-7 times under the pressure of Washington's D)


  1. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Last night was so deflating. I was so excited after the Eagles beat the Saints. After how teams played the Vikes the last couple weeks I was shcoked they did not come out with a gameplan to throw the ball and loosen the defense up a bit. I just did not understand the run plays at all. Even the 4th down play call was bad because it was so obvious. Why run right at em when it has not worked all game long. Don't get it. Oh well I guess we gotta just hope for the best. Thanks for a great blog.

  2. I still have hope for this team. i know we need help. You never know what will happen in this wacky NFL we all have an obsession about.

  3. I totally agree with your take on Jackson. He'll never ever be a Manning or Brady. He'll probably never be a McNabb. Hopefully someday he'll rise above the level of Kordell Stewart. But at this point, with the state of QB in the NFL, what options do the Vikings have? Yes, they should try to draft a decent QB. But they're going to have to ride TJ through next season by default. And after the second half of this game, I think I'll give him the chance.

  4. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Now can we possibly know what kind of QB TJackson is, when we have coaching as inconsistent as it has been? They made a great half time adjustment and then only used it for one series... me no likey.