Monday, December 10, 2007

Let's say you've got a bowl of ice cream. Then somebody gives you a cherry to put on top. You're happy, right?


So in the next two weeks, the Vikings have primetime home games against teams led by Kyle Orton and Todd Collins. If they win them both, they probably make the playoffs.

(this is the part where I remember everything that has ever happened to the Vikings, and have to curb my enthusiasm. I can use a cliche like "curb your enthusiasm" because it's the title of a show I love. And as I remember from an old Peter King column, Kyle Orton loves the show, too. Synergy).


  1. Anonymous5:00 AM

    When Peter King gets on your bandwagon, you're in trouble. The man's an idiot. An entertaining and prolific writer with league connections to envy, but an idiot none the less. You'd think someone who writes about the game for a living would be a better judge of football by now.

    That said, how did Tarvaris improve his accuracy so much so fast? His inability to hit the target earlier in the season was the main reason we were losing, and his spot-on passing the last four games (with appropriate scrambles)is the reason we're winning. In my experience, qb's are either accurate from college or's not a skill they develop in the pros.

  2. Anonymous5:10 AM

    I guess I can't write the above post without explaining the idiot statements. King often gets rightous and judgemental and is almost always on the wrong side of the issue. An example is when the baltimore right tackle lost two seasons to an eye injury caused by a referee throwing an improperly weighted penalty flag directly into his face. King's wrath was directed at the tackle, who shoved the ref to the ground. Moral judgement aside, King for three seasons touted Jake Plummer as the next great QB, a sure-fire MVP candidate. The list goes on.

  3. Terrible QB's have typically had career games against the vikes.

    I remember a December when we made Jim Miller look like Johnny Unitas.

    I don't recall how Orton did against the Tice led Vikes in 05, but the last thing we should do is be excited to face any QB not named Joey.

  4. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Orton started in that week 17 game in 2005 that Minnesota won 34 - 10.

    Orton also started in that week 6 game in 2005 that Chicago won 28 - 3.

    That tells us nothing.

    If the Bears lose, it's not going to be because of Kyle Orton, or because he's not Rex Grossman, or is Rex Grossman. If Chicago loses, it's because the defense fails them yet again.

  5. Anonymous8:32 AM

    The reason the Vikings beat the Bears in week 17 in 2005 is because the game was meaningless in a good way for the bears and meaningless in a bad way for the Vikings. They rested starters.

    Both teams are very different from 2 years ago though, and Minnesota has the far better defense between the two. Orton will take a couple sacks and might turn the ball over once or twice, but Minnesota's victory will be more than just Orton's mediocre play.