Sunday, December 23, 2007

Live Blog: Minnesota vs. Washington

Okay, after watching the first series and commenting over 4 times on the previous post's comment section I decided it was time to just live blog this sucker.

7:32- Challenge! Will they determine there is conclusive evidence that the ball did not cross the plane?

7:33- Holy Crap! We won the challenge. Let's build on this huge stand!

7:33- Safety. Man this game is going to give me a heart attack. The Vikings make a huge defensive stance and then we follow it up by not getting out of the end zone. Why we ran to the right side of the line in a key situation like that escapes me. (yeah I know the whole fact of them probably loading up the left side, but you have to go to your strength)

7:39- E.J. Henderson is down on the field. I hope this is nothing serious because outside of the Williams' Wall he is the most important player on this defense.

7:42- That is not only the 2nd 3rd down conversion to Reche Caldwell, but it is the 2nd time that Cedric Griffin has been behind him by 5 yards at the time of the reception.

7:43- That had to be a breakdown in coverage. Crap. 9-0.

7:46- Is this what we are in for. An exciting return by Allison that almost was another Viking turnover. Even the exciting plays by the Vikings are instantly tempered by fear. First the great defensive stand into a safety and now this exciting return almost made my heart sink.

7:51- Just short. Great coverage on the punt. C'mon defense get us back in this game.

7:53- Side note: Pacifist Viking I am sure would have had strong words about the Armed Forces message by Sunday Night Football as we came back from break. Are we suppose to feel guilty that we aren't protecting our freedoms?

7:55- Huge defensive stop on 3rd and 6. Great return by more, even with the penalty the Vikings still have pretty good field position. We need to get some points out of this possession.

7:58- That false start is a killer. It takes us out of short yardage on 3rd down and also gets us out of FG territory.

7:59- A freaking wide open WR and you can't get it to him. Crap. And then the long field goal attempt is no good. That penalty was killer.


(The way the 1st quarter went this could be a long night. The Redskins are dominating us. We need to open up the passing game to get those 8 defenders in the box to disappear.)

8:02- Does Citizen really expect us to buy their watches because they are unstoppable like Eli Manning? Are they serious? The Giants one today DESPITE the efforts of Eli Manning to lead them to another loss. Eli Manning is anything but unstoppable.

8:05- Wow, huge sack by E.J. Henderson.

8:07- Okay, our defense is keeping us in the game. 1st the huge stand at the goal line and now thanks to a bobbled snap they keep Washington from going up 12 points. C'mon offense, we need to put some points on the board.

8:10- Madden is right. Tarvaris Jackson needs to gain some traction in the passing game in order for our running game to have success. Shiancoe fumbles. Great, freaking great. I am dreaming of John Carlson right now.

8:13- Are you serious? Knight Rider is coming back to television? As long as Hasselhoff isn't the star I am watching. I used to look forward to Knight Rider so much as a kid.

8:16- I wonder if anyone else had the same feeling as me? If Sidney Rice were healthy I have a feeling the first play this possession would be a downfield long pass to him. Man, that injury really does hurt our game. Well maybe they will do it with Troy Williamson.

8:19- You just cannot, and I repeat, cannot make that throw. 2 interceptions, this game is not going well at all.

8:21- 16-0. This is depressing. This might sound crazy, but if I were Childress I would have Adrian Peterson returning this next kick. We need a big play to get our team some momentum and he is our big play threat. I hate seeing AP returning kicks, but I think this situation demands it.

8:24- Al Michaels annoys me. He can be an arrogant prick sometimes. He talks about AP like all these other announcers were proclaiming him the greatest of all time, but I remember Michaels himself saying something to the effect of AP possibly being the best in the NFL right now. Yet when he talks it seems like he never ever would have said something like that.

8:26- That high floater was begging to be interception number 3. Lucky for us it wasn't. In the words of Pacifist Viking (I can hear him screaming from the upper deck): Why not some screens?

8:28- Can I ask a question? Where in the world was the flag for "block in the back" on that punt. The Washington guy clearly ran over the Viking player through his back and he had an opportunity to be right there for the tackle.

8:36- See Minnesota. Screen Passes can work out very nice. Washington just showed you with Clinton Portis.

8:40- Great a Clinton Portis TD Pass. What next a 50 yard TD scramble by Todd Collins?

8:41- 44 seconds left. Can the Vikes move the ball and at least get some points on the board going into the half? They aren't even going to try. Great.


8:59: Okay, we need our defense to come up with some turnovers and our offense has to be run to perfection. C'mon Vikings.

9:00: You never want to see a guy lying on the field like Mike Sellers is currently. Football can be a really scary sport. Good to see Sellers up and running.

9:04: Adrian Peterson. C'mon offense keep this up. 18 yard run, very nice.

9:06: 4th and Short. We need to go for this. Yes, we are going for it. No Penalties, cmon. CRAP!

9:12: 1st and Goal for Washington. This game is just depressing. I am done blogging it.


  1. The defense needs to score tonight because TJacks--and I know how you love cliches--is looking like the proverbial deer in the headlights.

  2. Jackson is a joke. No way he can be an NFL QB. What a complete JOKE!

  3. Um, that last pass was completely inexcusable.

    At least it should become clear to Childress that Jackson is not the QB of the future.

    Our running game will go nowhere if Jackson continues to throw up jump balls.

  4. I hope you guys are enjoying the REAL vikings tonight. they couldn't be playing flatter in the most important game of the year. childress and jackson have to go.

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  6. 100 total yards

    0 Points. ZERO points.


    I feel bad for the defense.