Monday, May 08, 2006

Why Favre sucks

Favre sucks because Favre refuses to adapt his game for any reason. That's it. According to Bob McGinn (via PFT):

Telling his story for the first time since deciding April 25 to play another year, Favre was even more defiant than usual Saturday when the subject of his 29 interceptions was brought up in a non-accusatory fashion.

"I don't regret the way I play or the way I approach it," Favre said during a 30-minute session with reporters at the Packers' minicamp. "I don't feel like I should change. For me to change now, it would be time for me to leave."

According to Favre, his career-low passer rating of 70.9 (58.0 in the last 10 games), which ranked 31st in the National Football League, was more a reflection of circumstances and the personnel around him than slippage in his own level of performance.

"Throwing 20 touchdowns and 29 interceptions, all the experts out there have their opinions and theories," Favre said. "To be honest with you, I don't think I played any differently than any other year. When you're down, I'm not going to sit there and throw 3-yard check-downs and let the clock run out. I'm going to take chances.

"There will be people that agree with that and people who don't agree with that. I really don't care."

That's the problem. Great QBs are able to adjust their games for different circumstances. Maybe those circumstances are diminished arm strenght. Maybe those circumstances are an unwillingness to take a hit in later age. And maybe the circumstances are less talent around the QB. Either way, it is a total refusal to adjust and adapt that leads to a 29 interception season.

In the past, because of his immense talent, the immense talent of players around him, and good coaching, Favre was mostly successful playing his way. Now, he's not. In my opinion, that's a combination of his own diminished talent, the diminished talent around him, and poor coaches that are unwilling to do anything about Favre's erratic decision making.

When you play absolutely terrible in every way, then come out and defiantly claim that you will not be changing the way you play at all, well, then you deserve to go down as the guy who breaks the all-time interception record.

And if you watched the Packers last season, you know that it was a lot of terrible decision making that cost the Packers games and Favre interceptions. It's not the talent around a QB that makes him throw into double coverage in the end zone. It's not the talent around him that forces him to repeatedly hurl the ball deep to the end zone no matter what with time left for a sustained drive (ala Philly last season).

Personally, I'm glad we can expect more of the same from Shitdick next season.


  1. Anonymous6:30 PM

    by play the same way and not change the way he plays favre means he will remain agressive-- that's all. he's said that about fifty times, mostly last season, saying that's the way he always played. i figure if playing a certain way got a player 10 play off seasons, 6 division titles, 3 mvps, 8 pro bowls, 1 super bowl win etc etc he's probably correct in choosing not to change the way he plays. we'll see, of course. if he's over the hill and last season's performance was not a symptom of the injuries/coaching coupled with his aggressiveness... but i'd rather see someone retire than change their game.

  2. I can tell by your closing words you intelligence and maturity level. You are just an angry vikings fan, pissed from years of losing to favre. Do you have much to say now that they have started 3-0 in 2007 and favre is looking great with good protection and recievers?

  3. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Hey Viking fans - do you want him? I'm so sick of the whiney crybaby. I would love him to play for the Vikings or the Bears and get his ASS kicked.

  4. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Yep. He was aggressive. It covered up his inability to anything creative. Since to article and comments were made Favre ran the Packers' 2007 team (10th best in its history) down the drain with and "aggressive" interception in overtime, at home. And he ran the Vikings' 2009 season (9th best team in its 50 year history) down the drain with an "aggressive" interception when perhaps something not so "aggressive" would have given the Vikes field goal position and a birth into the Super Bowl. Favre NEVER figured out that being aggressive at the WRONG times undid all the preparation of the other 51 guys and the dozens of coaches and scouts. These spend hours and hours trying to get an advantage by planning and scheming, turning 50/50 chance into maybe a 55/45 advantage, or even a 60/40 which is near dominance. And having wasted his early career on beer and pills, Favre didn't have the foundation to do much more than be "aggressive" in tight situations and drive his teams' chances above the 85th Percentile back down to 50/50 chance at best.

    Sure, there were some Packer teams that just weren't that good and taking chances was necessary and a snowball effect resulted. But that only accounts for about two seasons in sixteen. Many more seasons were done away with because Favre had nothing to offer other than chance at best when crunch time came.

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