Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Texan fans: it's not worth it to coax you off the ledge. You're probably making the right decision.

Just about everything that can be said about the Texans drafting Mario Williams has been said. But a moment ago a memory, a revelation, sparked by this.

Remember in November and December when fans of teams like the Texans were opening rooting for their team to lose games so that they could get the #1 pick? Have you ever rooted against your team for reasons of draft, coach firings, or anything else? I have. It kind of sucks. But it REALLY sucks to just be watching a terrible team and feeling only despair. So you cling to any sort of hope.

So in December, Texan fans must have been despairing but living on the fumes of "We could get Reggie Bush." And then, of course, the Rose Bowl, and fantasies of Vince Young running around in a Texan uniform gave these miserable fans something to smile about.

Can you imagine the utter horror these fans would have felt at the time, miserable watching their 2-14 team, actually rooting for their team to lose more games, if they had known that it would all lead not to Bush, or Young, or even Leinart? Had they known no obvious savior would rise up from the rubble to lead them to future glory?

When things happen in our lives, they usually take on a sense of reality--not always easily, but they do. But when we try imagine terrible things happening in the future, it all seems surreal and dreamy. Texan fans today may be unhappy--but get Doc Brown and Marty to loan you the DeLorean go back to December and tell Houston fans they'd get the #1 pick and use it on a DE from NC State, and watch the despair sink in. In Thomas Harris's novels, Hannibal Lecter collects stories of church roofs collapsing, because he enjoyed the loss of faith. Wouldn't it take a Lecter-like sadism to have to share this with a Texan fan at the time?

By the way, I've begun searching for Houston Texan fan blogs. I just HAVE TO read these throughout 2006. So if you know of any blogs specific to the Texans, pass them my way.

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  1. Just noticed this...thanks for the link man, you had an intersting writeup here.