Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My favorite NBA reactions to "bad" calls

The wide-eyed shock
The player looks about with gigantic eyes, in utter shock, as if in total disbelief that anybody could make such an outrageous call. Sometimes the player adds a little smirk. Worst culprit: Tim Duncan

The clown
The player just laughs or smiles or smirks, as if to say that a given call is so ridiculous that is is funny. The call brings humor, but is so stupid one cannot even attempt to dispute it. Worst culprit: Rasheed Wallace

The wave away
Different players and coaches use halfway variations of this. My favorite is when the coach raises both hands above his head, bends the elbows, and thrusts his forearms out quickly while waving his hands. It is as if to say, "take that garbage back! I don't want anything to do with that ridiculousness!" Worse culprit: coaches

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