Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Fran Foley is out

I haven't really paid much attention to the Fran Foley resume debacle. All I really care about is that the Vikings win a Super Bowl in my lifetime. Lying on your resume is bad, but I didn't figure that the the Vice President of Player Personnel doing so would be anything that would hold the Vikes back from otherwise winning a championship.

Still, it's good that he's out. What sports organization has been made fun of more over the previous 4 years? Is any other franchise even close? So there's no reason to keep a guy around who can bring further embarrassment to the franchise.


  1. organization made fun or more in last 4 years? J.E.T.S jets jets jets. this team has had its last 4 head coaches quit on them

  2. The Vikes had two unprecedented draft debacles--it seems every wannabe comedian has a joke to make about the Vikes come draft time. Then they had the Love Boat--I will be hearing boat jokes about this team for at least a decade. Plus everything that Randy Moss is and does, Mike Tice's frequent bonehead decisions, and all sorts of ownership issues. It's not even close.

    When you spend four years hearing jokes about getting draft picks in on time, then never hear about your team without some sort of boat reference, then your team will approach the Vikings for clownishness and mockery.

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