Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Ill-informed

I'm making a transition to a poorly informed sports fan. I'm going to go without cable for a while and see how that treats me (for NBA playoffs, that treats me pretty lousy), and my internet access is at this library less than a mile from my house, where I'm limited to 60 minutes at a time (until September, anyway). I can follow local sports alright this way, but all I really know right now is that Cleveland is up on the Pistons 3-2 and that Dallas was up 3-1 over the Spurs and I don't know if that series is over yet (I guess I'll be checking that next).

Following sports is a different world when you decide to skip expensive technology. If I weren't in a library with 27 minutes left, I would think out and write a brilliant Marxist essay about sports fans who are without cable for economic reasons and thus don't get to watch the NBA playoffs on TNT and will miss Monday Night Football when it moves to ESPN and how most people pretend that such people don't exist (even though I'm going without cable, and two dedicated sports fan friends of mine, Rob and Justin, also go without cable) and what it means to pretend that such people don't exist or are making their own choices yada yada yada, and it would be developed and I would attempt to refute objections and all that, but I'm having trouble formulating it all right now in this library, plus my brain is fried from moving, thus this run-on sentence continues.

Anyway, did you ever notice the halftime show on Tecmo Super Bowl? It's all scantily clad ladies, and then this one brunette cheerleader jumps in the air and her skirt flips up. So you see, the games we played when we were kids were just as bad as Grand Theft Auto.


  1. Good luck. I'm staying in an apartment in New York while on vacation, and the people here don't have cable. I can survive for a week, but I'm glad I'm going back home Saturday to my DirecTv where I have an ungodly amount of sports at my disposal. (I subscribe to the MLB, NFL, NBA, NCAA hoops, and college football packages.)

    Of course, I also frequently have a $200 monthly bill.

  2. i have basic cable that came with the apartment. it includes TNT, but no espn. however, i spend copious amounts of time looking at sports on the interweb while supposedly working. i am very worried about the upcoming football season when games are on NFL network, though. i might give in and get direct tv and NFL sunday ticket.