Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The further adventures of a technology-deprived sports fan

No internet, no cable, no idea about anything.

This is happening at the right time of the year. The NBA Finals will be on ABC, so I can watch all those games. Since I don't watch baseball, I don't really NEED to see anything in the summer. And then autumn comes, where even with the 9 channels I get, I should be able to watch 3-4 NFL games a week (and in autumn it's back to school and back to office internet access too).

I have not been able to see a single NBA highlight since I quit watching the Pistons-Cavs in the 4th quarter on Sunday. I keep hearing what happened the night before on the next day's radio shows, and have been able to piece events together based on commentary. I get whatever Viking news I can from local news, though local news is pretty focused on stadiums right now (no stadium for the most popular team in the state. Yay for democracy). Evidently we traded an undrafted free agent for somebody by the name of Billy McMullen or something. Now we've got 3 former Eagle offensive players: Mike McMahon, Artis Hicks, and Billy McMullen. Maybe McMullen returns kicks. Let's just say McMahon to McMullen doesn't fill me with Super Bowl fantasies (though I won the Super Bowl with the Vikes on Madden last night. Whenever that happens, I always watch the post-game celebration of purple-wearing players hugging each other around a giant trophy).

I'm hoping for a Dallas-Miami NBA Finals, because those teams are pretty fun to watch, and I wouldn't mind if either of them won the title.

Is the NBA missing something by giving so many playoff games to TNT and ESPN? The NFL is the most popular sports league and by far the most popular TV sport in America. They've built up popularity by putting the overwhelming majority of their games, including all playoff games, on broadcast channels. I realize those of us trying to save money by skipping cable aren't exactly the big spenders a sports league is trying to appeal to, but that wide appeal means something for long-term success. Ce la vie.


  1. Man, I don't know how you're doing it.

    Do you forage for nuts and berries so you have can have snacks for the games on ABC?

    As for your follow-up question, I don't think ABC would want to preempt their schedule (especially since season finales are in May) to televise every playoff game every day. With the bulk and frequency of games leading up to the finals, the NBA is better served by spreading them all around to the cable channels.

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