Monday, April 10, 2006

Sports Hate: the NFC North

The Green Bay Packers
I hate the Packers with a passion that cannot be described. I hate everything about the team. I hate the holier than thou attitude of Packer fans (the obnoxious attitude that they are more special and unique than fans of any other football team).

I watch the Packers just to root for the other team. I want them to go 0-16 every year. I hate every stinking win they get.

Will this hatred last past Brett Favre's retirement? I honestly don't know. But since my passionate dislike of the Packers is based partly on the fanbase and my location, it probably will.

The Chicago Bears
I don't hate the Bears, but I hate the Vikings playing the Bears. One of my most miserable sports days of the year comes when the Vikings visit Soldier Field in order to get their asses handed to them as they struggle to put up double-figures. I don't really root against the Bears when they're playing other teams (unless they are in contention with the Vikes for the division title). I hate them a few weeks a year. I was amused when Steve Walsh was their QB (well, until he came into the Dome and beat the Vikes in the playoffs).

The Detroit Lions
Hating the Lions right now would be like hating a bug that I step on. I pity their fans. Since the Vikes haven't lost to the Lions since '01, I'm never terribly concerned about them. They suck. I have difficulty forseeing a time when they won't suck. That day might come, but in the words of Bill Bellamy in How to be a Player, "That day just ain't today."

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