Friday, April 07, 2006

"It begins..."

Brad Childress had his first day of minicamp. Judd Zulgad and Kevin Seifert at the Star Tribune have some interesting observations. Dontarrious Thomas and Napoleon Harris took shots at MLB. Linebacker is one of the big concerns for the Vikes going into 2006. But linebacker has been one of the big concerns for the Vikes going into ever year for the last 6 years...or 7 years...or as long as I can remember. When was the last time Ed McDaniel was playing solid football?

Yes, we care about minicamps. We care about everything.

Football in April is like non-alcoholic champagne. Obviously it shouldn't affect you...but as Barney Gumble knows, the real addict can be taken in by just about anything.

Oddly enough, though, I can't stand to watch pre-season football. I have watched many NFL practices. I have watched teams run drills (I used to live in River Falls, WI, where the Kansas City Chiefs have training camp. I am basically indifferent to the Chiefs in particular...but I frequented practice just to watch NFL practice). But I can't stand watching preseason games.

Minicamps, though...that's good stuff.


  1. sorry pacifist - i've got a bad feeling about this new coach of yours. moustache is fine. bald is fine. together? not so good.

  2. Every NFL coach knows success is found in a well groomed stache. Dave Wannstedt's got a little bushy and look what happened to him.

    The Vikes need to draft at least two linebackers on the first day. I will not sleep well knowing that the defensive playcalling is in Donterrible's hands.