Saturday, April 01, 2006

Bruins are back where they belong.

UCLA has the consistent ability to make its opponent play like 8th graders. Little comment on the utter domination of LSU tonight. LSU was supposed to be athletic and dominant in the post, but the Bruins were by far the most athletic team on the court. They intercepted passes, contested every shot, got fast breaks, layups, dunks, and open jumpers.

I think UCLA might have an advantage in Final Four games. In today's world of college basketball, just getting to the Final Four is considered a great accomplishment for a lot of these schools and players. But as Jordan Farmar said, they only hang one type of banner in Westwood. UCLA seemed to play with greater intensity and urgency tonight.

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  1. back where they belong? ...getting beat in the N'al Championship game by a football school? Yikes!