Monday, April 10, 2006

Request for Moratorium

I would like to issue two requests.

1. Can we stop using all the easy boat jokes in any reference to the Vikings? Sure, talk about the Minnetonka boat scandal all you want. But do we really need paid sportswriters to be slipping these stupid, easy, pointless jokes into columns about the Vikings? Bloggers, I'm judging you too, but since most of us do this for free, my judgment will be muted.

2. Can we stop making jokes about the Vikings getting their draft pick in on time? It's another easy one. Sportwriters like to think they're clever, but making jokes about not getting the pick in on time is really, really easy, and really, really lame.

These are the two joke topics I would like to avoid. By all means, write articles about these topics, but try avoid the dumb jokes in columns that aren't about these topics at all. I know you think you're funny, but you're not. We all know why the chicken crossed the road. Most of us know that the horse has a long face, and that breakfast items and strings don't get served in bars. But we don't keep repeating these jokes every time we talk about chickens, roads, or bars.

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