Monday, April 17, 2006

A good Saturday wasted

The NFL draft approaches. I've already created many of the rookies on Madden 06; I just await April 29th to add them to the right team (I've already adjusted most rosters for Free Agency). I'll need to stock up on pop, pizza, booze, and Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips.

The Vikings' choices with the #17 pick actually seem fairly limited to me. I'll be surprised if they don't do one of the following:

A. Trade the pick for Matt Schaub.

B. Trade into the Top Ten and draft a QB.

C. Stay put and draft one of the top RB prospects.

D. Stay put and draft a linebacker.

I just don't see a lot of other options. First, look at the defense.

They won't draft somebody in the secondary. In the last few years they've built a starting secondary entirely through Free Agency (Winfield, Smoot, Sharper, Williams). Anybody they draft would be a nickel back. Any team that didn't make the playoffs the year before must have greater needs than a nickel back.

I don't see them drafting a defensive lineman. Not only do they have 03, 04, and 05 first round picks on the defensive line, they have dominant NT Pat Williams, and guys like Darrion Scott, DeQuincy Scott, and C.J. Moseley providing depth. It's just not a pressing need.

On defense, they could draft outside or inside linebackers.

On offense, the team certainly doesn't need to draft a WR. It's a deep position mixed with youth and veterans. I have trouble seeing them taking an offensive lineman, as the left side is set with very good players, and there are a lot of linemen on roster to fight for the positions on the right side. That leaves RBs, QBs, and TEs. I guess a TE wouldn't shock me, but it doesn't seem a pressing immediate need with Jermaine Wiggins on the team (certainly the Vikes could use another pass catching TE). It's debatable whether the team needs a RB--there are arguments for or against. There is no debate that they need a good young QB to either learn under 38 year old Brad Johnson or fight for his job.

Now, with the two 2nd rounders and two 3rd rounders, the Vikings could do anything. In those spots, getting good backups or future starters makes sense. I just don't see any other options for the 1st round pick.

Can you see any reasonable choice for the #17 pick other than those I listed above? Or are any of those I listed above completely unreasonable?

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  1. I agree with the options. The Vikings would be insane to cough up a one for Schaub. Schaub has Scott Mitchell written all over him. One guy I would think hard about if available is T Winston Justice. Doubtful he'll be there, but he might end up better than D'Brickishaw Ferguson in two or three years.