Sunday, April 09, 2006

From an obsessive-compulsive Viking fan

The Vikings just upgraded the quality of their team web page.

I'm still exploring, but the change looks mainly aesthetic. I'm not noticing any great new features, though coverage of the team through the web page has been improving over the years (there's currently a solid article on the team's second-year players and minicamp observations).

But look at the logo in the upper left corner. That Viking horn is slightly different than the current Viking horn on the sides of the helmet. It seems slightly pointier, and has some small black lines included to give it a greater 3d horn effect (from here you should be able to contrast it to the current helmet). It's a subtle change; I think you'd probably have to be a Viking fan to even notice it. But I'm willing to bet the new helmets will feature horns with this slightly revamped look.

For some reason, I'm more worried about the uniform changes than I am about free agent signings.

But bring on the purple pants!

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