Monday, May 18, 2009

Viking Blizzard

Sid Hartman with Keneche Udeze on his return to the field.

Holy Hitter passed this on to me: Mike Florio at PFT asks, "How is Allen’s affinity for killing animals any different than Michael Vick's?" Of course, others were making similar connections back when Florio was consistently demonizing Vick.

Is the unnameable inevitable? (Star Tribune)

Kevin Williams and Pat Williams (Star Tribune). If a suspension is inevitable, it might be better at the beginning of the year with a manageable schedule. Then again, over the course of the year, making sure you win those easyish games is critical.

Terrible sportswriter speculates about Antoine Winfield, Brett Favre, and money. The only thing I wonder is whether Charley Walters is aware his speculations are pointless and he's a terrible sportswriter, or if he's blissfully unaware and thinks he's doing something meaningful with his speculations.

Brad Childress and QBs (Viking Update)

An argument for Tarvaris Jackson (Defensive Indifference). I'll make one argument against Jackson. He's had some good games when the Vikings are running the ball well, and he always benefits from the threat of the Vikings' dominant running game. But in situations when the Vikings must throw the ball, and the defense knows he must throw the ball, he often struggles badly. Jackson looks like a QB that, at best, can be solid when playing with Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor. But I've seen nothing to suggest that he can win a game for you when the situation dictates the team must pass. And I think the Vikings have to find the QB that can do that.


  1. Joe in Sacramento5:03 PM

    It is really an ignorant point of view to compare dog fighting to hunting. Most hunters respect and rever what they are doing. We do not want an animal to suffer any more then is abdolutley nescasry. Last year I had a bear Tag and a real big brown in my sights but I chose not to shoot because she had a cub. People who dogfight do it out of cruelty and hate. There is no sport, respect, or love for the animals. If you look at where most of the money comes from for animal preservation and wildlife habitat comes from hunters. Spreading this kind of filth is just stupid. If you can compare dog fighting to hunting then let's compare football to war. 2 sides fight for the same thing, there is a loser and a winner, whats the difference (sarcasm intended). Don't be an idiot.

  2. I think there are more similarities than differences between the two activities. In both activities, humans kill animals for entertainment, for pleasure. I'm not sure respecting, revering, or loving the animal that you kill for your own pleasure makes that much difference (especially to the animal).

    I also don't think the fact that hunters eat the animals they kill make that much difference; that's still a matter of pleasure (you don't have to eat meat; you choose to do so because you think it tastes good).

    Is there a different level of cruelty? Probably. But hunters and dogfighters are killing animals for their entertainment and pleasure. I see the activities as not that dissimilar.

  3. Anonymous8:26 PM

    I agree with the Jackson comment. He had his best games against mediocre pass defenses with only the Giants secondary being rated in the top 10 at #7.

    The Lions, come on. Arizona and Atlanta were both around #30 or below in the league Defensive passing stats.

    The point is, when the man has to pass, he is not consistent or accurate. The Eagles sat on his slant passes and outs knowing he can't throw to his left. They should have picked him off 3 or 4 times, they had their hands on the passes and dropped the balls.

    As it was, the pick off for the touchdown was a killer for us. It's hard to rate a passer when his most productive passes are usually screens or dump passes. Perhaps that is Childress' fault.

  4. Yes, maybe I just recall too many days sitting in the Metrodome, seeing 3rd and long come up, and knowing there will either be a lucky break or a punt. Gus Frerotte wasn't very good, but he gave the Vikes a semblance of a 3rd down offense and a two-minute offense. I just don't see that coming from Jackson. I'd be happy to be proven wrong, but I've grown weary of hoping.

  5. My problem with the way dogfighters kill dogs is the method - the dogs are confined and beaten their whole lives, and are dependent on those who kill them. It's like those hunting trips where caged birds are released directly in front of the "hunters" to be shot - these are animals who depend on those who kill them.

    If Michael Vick was shooting feral dogs I feel like I would understand it. I know I'm a hypocrite because I eat meat, but I think there are definite differences in the way Vick and Allen killed their animals.