Monday, May 18, 2009

The Risk of Favre

If Brett Favre is a Viking in 2009, the only way it can be considered a success is if the Vikings win the Super Bowl. And that makes the risk far outweigh the reward.

Partly, it's practical. I doubt very much Favre has more than one season left in him, and that means signing Favre is a one-year fix. This means if they don't win it all with him in 2009, then all they did was set the franchise's long-term quarterback search back one season. If Sage Rosenfels is successful, he could be the team's QB for the next five seasons.* No matter what Favre would do, he would only be the quarterback for one season. So if they sign him, they push back finding out who should be the team's QB for the next five seasons.

Partly, it's emotional. All I really want as a sports fan is to see the Vikings win a Super Bowl, and if it takes Favre to win it, so be it. But if they don't win it, they'll have tainted far too much. We'll have a season of actually rooting for the nemesis, and for what? For a Wild Card? For a division title? For a trip to the NFC Championship game? It's not worth it.

I think Sage Rosenfels might be a five-year QB. I'd like to find out if he is. I want to see the Vikings win the Super Bowl, and I think finding a five-year QB gives them a better chance than signing Brett Favre--who has not exactly been a reliable playoff QB--for one season.

*Yes, I consider a five-year QB a long-term solution. Obviously you want to find a decade-long QB solution, but that's rare, and there have been a lot of successful QBs--even at the Super Bowl level--with shorter runs on a particular franchise (Rich Gannon, Kurt Warner, Brad Johnson).


  1. Anonymous12:48 AM

    I would accept signing Favre if he sweeps the Packers both times in the regular season, and makes them wish they hadn't let him go!
    A super bowl would be nice, who knows what the gods have in store for this one

  2. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Leave Britt Frave Alone Here is to old. I think he would make a good quarty back coach. think about that. Give to Brett Frave Thank You

  3. I'm already preparing my "when the Vikings sign Favre" blog post, and this is exactly one of the points I'm going to bring across. With so many people thinking Favre is the "final piece in the puzzle," anything less than a Super Bowl win is unacceptable.

  4. Jason: and one of the problems with that expectation is that Favre hasn't won two playoff games in a single season since '97, and he's had some classically bad playoff games/throws.

  5. Is Anon #2 up above actually raiderjoe of Football Outsiders message board fame?

  6. Joe! I here what you're saying. That's why the bitterness angle in the Favre return saga is vexing for all sides: Favre, the Vikes, the Packers... It can't be forgotten that Favre in NYC only accomplished a slightly better regular season than expected, the firing of the head coach, and a necessity to start over at the sport's most important position.

    By the way, I'd like you to drop me a line. Got a potential collaboration if you're interested:

    -Cian @ Fuhbaw

  7. I don't think we would have to win a superbowl if Favre joined up, however, we would definitely have to sweep the pack. I think I would be brought to tears if we went into Lambeau on Monday night, the night he was supposed to have his number retired, and we stomped the Pack with Favre at the helm. That would be enough for me, heck, we could release him after that game.

  8. Anonymous8:39 PM

    If ol' Brett would just manage the game, we could have a stellar year, providing he signs. He has been to the Promised Land and he knows how to ride a couple of kick ass running backs to the victory circle.

    I have hung his tired old carcass in effigy from my ceiling fans for his entire career. With the ulcers he has given me over the years, he owes me and the collective Viking Horde one.

    I admire his guts and ability, though I have grown to hate him as his years in the limelight have excruciatingly passed. However, I say give that son of a gun a chance. As long as he doesn't try to win all the games single handedly, the Vikings could surprise everybody with him at QB.

  9. Anonymous3:26 PM

    If his arm is healthy, and that is a big if, Favre gives the Vikings a better chance to win games.

    If Udeze is back and effective, and the Williams duo beats the rap, I am starting to become optimistic about their chances this season. They have a chance to have an extremely dominant rotation on the defensive line, and a team with that always has a chance to go a long ways.