Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It could be worse, Vikings fans:

You could be a Timberwolves fan.

And in the sad reality that makes many of us fans of both teams... well, it's just sports, right?

Minnesota hasn't had a major pro sports team make the championship round since 1991. We don't even really have an expectation that our teams will be nationally relevant, do we? When I think about these things, it's hard for me to imagine a time when any of these teams will be relevant. It makes me want to focus my emotional energy on things that can't break my heart, like, say, a grapefruit. Probably when I cut into it to eat it, it's going to taste good. And if it doesn't, it was cheap, and I can just go buy another grapefruit. So that's something, right? I turn my attention away from the Vikes and Wolves to the reliability of a grapefruit.

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