Thursday, May 07, 2009

Moving On

Perhaps it was all just a test of Viking fans' loyalty.  Make die-hard Viking fans actually want Favre, then leave them in shame, making all their future "Favre was an overrated media creation" arguments sheepish and tainted.  So cheers to those who hated the idea all along (for what it's worth, my main interest in seeing Favre as a Viking was more an interest in seeing Generic Hall of Fame Quarterback as a Viking--the Johnson/Jackson/Holcomb/Bollinger/Frerotte years have been tough--but of course I could never see Favre that way).

I think the '09 Vikes will win 10-11 games with Sage Rosenfels at quarterback (which might give them third place in the NFC North).  My worry with Rosenfels isn't his interception rate (though that's worthy of concern), but fear that his high competion percentage is a result of Gary Kubiak's offense (in 2006 David Carr completed 68.3%, in 2007 Matt Schaub completed 66.4%, and in 2008 Schaub completed 66.1%--Rosenfels' impressive completion percentage may be the proverbial product of the system).  But from what I've seen, Rosenfels is a quarterback that can complete passes and run an offense (and at this point, that actually makes him appealing).

Rosenfels has to be the quarterback in 2009.  With Tarvaris Jackson, you sacrifice any semblance of a two-minute offense, you are probably totally screwed if the defense and running game aren't winning a game for you, and you will wait knowing a game will come along when the majority of passes are bouncing all over the carpet, far from receivers' hands.  Jackson doesn't complete a high percentage of his passes and rarely makes plays when the defense knows the team must pass.  Rosenfels has his problems too, but I think he'll be able to do some things--things that the team needs--that Jackson just can't do.


  1. Anonymous12:17 PM

    I hope Sage starts at QB, but Chilly does love T.Jack.
    Also don't worry about Favre, he's gonna play for the Vikes, this way he doesn't have to do any of the summer camps etc...

  2. So why would I want Brett Favre to play for my beloved Vikings? Because we both have the same goals, to embarrass the packers and end the career of Brett Favre. Sure he only wants to stick it to Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy and I want the packers to be humiliated under any circumstance. For brief moment in time his goal is my goal. Sure it would be nice to get the calls Brett gets like when he's bumped and they tack on 15 yards for roughness or under throwing a receiver by 20 yds and getting pass interference. But the reality is he is Dave Kreig in the twilight years. Washed up and can’t quit. He wants to be carried off the field like something from Braveheart.

    Here is the scenario as I see it playing out. The Vikes play GB at home the 4th game of the season on Monday night. A national audience, with everyone in the Homer Dome cheering him even the stinking packer fans. That night is made for him. Being the diva he is he won’t miss out on that.

    Over the next few weeks the cold reality of being washed up will set in. By week seven he will be too tired and showing sign of wishing he stayed retired after he plays the Steelers on the road. The following week he plays at GB busted up and looking for that final hurrah. He will get it and so will I. My guess is AJ Hawk will come up through the middle or around the right side and lay out Brett once and for all. At that point Sage Rosenfeld will come in or worse T Jax and win the game. Following the bye week Brett will finally be benched as he should have 5 years ago.

    Mark my words being benched for T Jax is far more embarrassing then being benched for Aaron Rogers. I’d even be okay with Detroit winning the division this year and only winning two games (both against the packers) as long as my prediction comes true.

    I hope the Vikings retire Brett’s jersey too. Could you imagine a Purple 4 hanging from the rafters for every game the packers play against us for all eternity? Sure I’d spit on the ground the other 7 home games each year but that one against the packers I’d point to it and cheer knowing he went out on the Vikings terms ensconced in purple. Viva Tommy Kramer!