Sunday, May 17, 2009

Peyton Manning's 2009 Fantasy Season

Peyton Manning is the most reliable fantasy football player of the last decade. In every one of his 11 seasons, he's thrown for 3,700+ yards and 26+ TDs, and he has never missed a game due to injury.

But now it appears the Colts will have a new head coach, a new offensive coordinator, and a new offensive line coach. How dependent is Manning's greatness on the quality and consistency of his coaching? It is possible that the loss of his head coach will affect his consistency, the loss of his offensive coordinator affect his quality, and the loss of his offensive line coach possibly affecting his very low sack percentage (and does that mean greater injury risk?).

Is anybody else shying away from Indianapolis Colts for the 2009 fantasy football season? I'm not sure whether I am or not.


  1. I would stay away.

  2. I don't trust you; you just want me to not draft him so you can.

    Hazelweird shenanigans have begun!

  3. SomeoneElse12:13 AM

    I would stay away.

  4. Anonymous12:18 AM

    1. Peyton Manning is the offensive coordinator so that shouldn't be an issue.

    2. Peyton Manning actually could benefit from having a new head coach since the defense could decline leading them to have to pass even more.

    3. Peyton Manning is going to me at #2 so you can all just keep dreaming.

    I am serious. I am taking him at #2, then Reggie Wayne or Joseph Addai at #15, then Donald Brown at #18, then Dallas Clark at #31, then the Colts K at #34. (However if one of said Wayne or Addai is also available at #18, then drop the next three down to my next drafting slot)

    It is going to be the Indy Colts Revolution in Hazelweird.