Sunday, April 19, 2009

What the Vikes WON'T do in round one

Let's eliminate options: here are some positions the Vikings will not fill in round one of the draft this weekend.  Though I probably shouldn't say that; I should say if the Vikings do draft a player at these positions in round one, I'll pour two beverages over my head.  I'm of course ignoring kicker, punter, returner, long-snapper, etc.--business like that.

Running Back
The Vikings have Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor: there's no chance they use a first round pick on one of their biggest strength, especially when their superstar running back is entering his third season.  Fullback is a major weakness, though I don't know if there's a fullback they'd draft in round one.

The Vikings aren't going to draft a replacement for either E.J. Henderson or Chad Greenway.  I doubt very much the Vikings are trying to replace Ben Leber (he's a quality starter), they're extremely unlikely to try replace him this season with a first-round pick, and it's virtually impossible that they'd draft a linebacker in the first round to improve depth or gain a starter later than 2009.  The Vikes lack depth at linebacker, but starting linebacker is another team strength.

And that's all I've got.  They have serious needs at offensive line.  I think they could use improvement in the secondary (I'd like to see them draft a cornerback).  They could always use another wide receiver.  They might try to get a young defensive lineman (to eventually replace Pat Williams, or to immediately replace Ray Edwards).  Things could get freaky and they could find themselves with a quarterback.


  1. The Vikings may have no need for a linebacker, but Mike Lombardi, who actually has contacts inside NFL organizations – unlike other mock drafters like Don Banks and Mel Kiper – has the Vikings picking a linebacker in the first round.

    So maybe wear a wetsuit on Saturday – just in case.

  2. gosh, I hope it's a nice day so I can at least go soak myself outside.

  3. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Please pour the beverages on yourself in your house this time!

  4. Anonymous7:36 PM

    They should draft DB's and more DB's as that is their weakest area. Perhaps some of those newly drafted DB's could make a tackle on special teams.

    Right Tackle is another option,as is receiver. Sign Mike Karney formerly of the Saints at Fullback, he is a battering ram blocker that truly helped the Saints rushing attack for 5 years, he simply did not fit into the new pass happy Saints profile.

    Save the LB's till the later rounds unless a real stud falls to them. I doubt that Spikes or Curry or any of the USC three (Maualuga,Cushing or Matthews) are going to be around or Laurinaitis, Herzlich or Sintim. There are a lot of good LB prospects and I think they will be the hot ticket this year.

  5. I do see one of the USC 3 falling to the #22 over all. Linebacker is one of those positions that always produces good athletes. Remember Chris Dolman one of the NFL's greatest D-ends was recruited as a linebacker.

  6. Just so we're clear, I'm on record promising to dump a beverage on my head if the Vikes draft a center, running back, or linebacker. Now I'm nervous; when the pick comes up, I'll be drinking a very small glass of water.

  7. Joe Fischer wrote above:
    "I should say if the Vikings do draft a player at these positions in round one, I'll pour two beverages over my head."

    Make that two small glasses of water, sucka......

  8. I'm glad you didn't list quarterback cause they could scoop up the KSU qb later in the round and have a good one.