Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Brad Childress on the Viking quarterback situation (Star Tribune).  If Nero spoke to the media about sound governance, he'd have no credibility at all, right?  How would you respond if David Lynch talked about the importance of coherent, consistent plot?  Smirk?  Drop your jaw?

Yahoo! Mock Draft: Eben Britton on quarterbacks and win-loss records (I and II).  Really interesting stuff.

Reason for 2009 Optimism
Last night I dreamed that the Vikings were playing the Saints, and scored two defensive touchdowns in the first half (no, my dream is not the reason for optimism).  I woke up thinking about non-offensive touchdowns, and considered that the 10-7 2008 Vikings gave up an insane number of non-offensive touchdowns.  Looking at the box scores, I count 10.  Granted the Vikings also scored a hefty number of non-offensive touchdowns in the past few seasons.  Still, I doubt very much the Vikes will give up that many again.  And given that the 2009 schedule is a bit easier, it's reasonable to believe the '09 Vikings can win 10+ games.

Request for Sports Illustrated's "Truth and Rumors"
I'm very pleased that you now add links to the original stories that you paraphrase--this allows readers to access more information and to find the original context.  But could you be at least a little discerning?  This bit you got from the Pioneer Press about how the Vikings "may" trade their first round pick, about how "it wouldn't be surprising" if they did so?  That's not a rumor: that's idle speculation.  Anything "may" happen, and trading draft picks on draft day is quite common, rarely "surprising."  This is just commentary, not a rumor.  I could amend this as a request never to cite Charley Walters in "Truth and Rumors."  His columns are full of "might" and "It's not out of the question that."  I don't know why anybody takes him seriously.

Pointless Heads Up
I don't think this blog will ever be "exclusively" about anything, but we've been transitioning into primarily covering the Vikings specifically (hence sporadic posting lately) and pro football more broadly.  Sometime during the off-season I'll be cleaning up and re-organizing the links to reflect that trend (since I use my blogs' link lists as my own bookmarks for reading).


  1. Solid move, PV. I always dig it when you branch out to NFL football-at-large topics... but please, this Packers fan requests, you still spill the trademark angst when the Vikings lose.

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    hey holly hitter, this is Grant from old school pack buster replying t your comment on my post where I mistook you for Gellman.I'm not sure yet how to email or send you info directly instead of on a post

    Oh, Sorry bout that I'm a little new to the forums! I'll add your clog to my list as well thanksfor the response! I don't get to much traffic or responses on my blog and I'm trying to reach out a little to get to know everyone. Since I just started recollecting about a year ago I was collecting from the early eighties to around 1991 until the market became so full of new products and variations it was to much for me at the time now Im back and enjoying it as an adult but I'm way out of the loop and it like I jumped into time warp back then all we had was beckett and 1 local hobby shop. Now That hobby shop is gone and becketts a joke!! The blogs and trading, Ebay ETC.. I'm all new to and it's like a whole new world of collecting then it used to be! I feel like I'm the guyon a horse and everyone else has flying cars of the future! Grant

    April 1, 2009 12:48 PM

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    Thanks for the contact. I am only a contributor on this blog just like over at SCU. I am a free agent blogger shall I say.

    Glad to see you found your way here. Joe is an awesome writer on Vikings Football, but also NFL football.

  4. i think that all the vikes need is consistency... they fell apart in most of their games... in some they recovered in time but in other they lose...