Monday, April 13, 2009

The Torture of Rumors

Just when I had mentally moved on and admitted to myself that T-Jack or Sage was going to be the QB leading the offense this year, I go and read about this guy and think to myself that it better be the Vikings who are offering a 1st rounder. If it isn't the Vikings who are offering the 1st rounder then they should be the team offering a better deal like their 1st and 5th rounders.

Rumors, O how I loathe thee!


  1. I've been reading about this rumor on the National Football Post the past couple of days. But not once did I think the Vikings might be that team or even hope they might be that team. Mike Lombardi has been quite critical of Quinn and I think that has influenced my opinion of him - even though I was fairly impressed with Quinn's play against Buffalo and Denver last season.

  2. If this happens, it will be as if the mythical beer is unspilled.

  3. Seriously, I'm ruined. I'm now looking forward to draft weekend believing there is a chance Brady Quinn could end the weekend a Viking.

    I think I've been unconsciously emotionally distancing myself from the Vikes (prospect of a disappointing Tarvaris/Sage season, prospect of relocation in three years...basically thinking about the Vikings makes me sad this offseason, moreso than in any season I can remember). Getting Quinn would restore me to an insane fixation on the Vikes. After all, I went into draft day two years ago hoping the Vikes would end the weekend with Quinn.

  4. I saw over on's insider pages that there may be another Notre Dame QB headed to the 49ers. It was a headline and I refuse to pay to be an insider at, so I couldn't read the article. But I assume that they are referring to Quinn unless Rick Mirer is making a comeback. Joe, I share your point about emotionally distancing yourself from the Vikes. I too have become numb to Vikings news in the last 2 years or so because any news regarding our favorite club generally goes against what I consider good news.