Thursday, April 02, 2009

The New NFC North

The 2008 Chicago Bears were an average team: 14th in points scored, 16th in points allowed, 17th in point differential.  But they were a 9-7 team with Kyle friggin' Orton at quarterback, and now they'll have Jay Cutler (and Orlando Pace) to boost the offense.  And suddenly, yes, the Bears are the NFC North favorite.  I don't think they're the runaway favorite--the Bears don't look that dominant, and both the Vikings and Packers are talented and competitive.  I don't see the Bears going into either Thunderdome or Lambeau Field and blowing away the opponent.  And let's also note that Jay Cutler is not the runaway #1 QB in the NFC North; Aaron Rodgers had extremely good numbers all around last year.  And the Tarvaris Jackson/Sage Rosenfels combo might just top them both.*



  1. J'Rod1:20 AM

    QB by committee?

  2. Hey YO, Wanna exchange some Vikes fans linkage? Check us out and let us know

  3. He's no Cutler, but Orton wasn't nearly as bad as he was made out to be. But Cutler and Pace will probably bump the Bears up to an 11-5 team and the Vikings can't back into the playoffs this year.

    For the love of god, Childress, start playing Peterson and Taylor together, and start calling screen passes before the 4th quarter or the Vikings aren't going to make it this year.