Saturday, April 25, 2009

Viking Draft Reviews Vikes take WR Percy Harvin and OT Phil Loadholt

Percy Harvin
Judd Zulgad (Star Tribune)
Chip Scoggins (Star Tribune)
About Percy Harvin (Star Tribune)
Tom Powers (Pioneer Press)
Scouting Report (Viking Update)
Anthony Hall (Vikings War Cry)
more (Skol Vikes)

Phil Loadholt
There's nothing more exciting than an offensive lineman's college statistics (Viking Update)
Anthony Hall (Vikings War Cry)
Actually, both (Viking Vigil)
more (Skol Vikes)

Other Comments
Thank you to the Indianapolis Colts for saving my fantasy season.  I stick with my irrational infatuations far too long (see Vince Young, and when you're done looking at him, see Laurence Maroney).  By drafting a running back, the Colts prevent me from crashing the '09 season on Joseph Addai.

Luckily, I did not have to dump a beverage on my head.  I did get some marinara sauce on my pants earlier today, though.

It's incredibly easy to get loads and loads of school work done while watching event in which meaningful events occur roughly every 15 minutes.  Usually I'm exhausted at the end of draft day for wasting my day; now I'm exhausted from doing too much work.

I will say, ESPN is probably better for watching the draft than the NFL Network for one reason: hype.  ESPN works hard to make everything seem like a really big deal, and when you're watching an event consisting primarily of a dull man reading names at a podium every 15 minutes, it's good to have this event artificially hyped.  Though for the getting work done bit, NFL Network is better for the background.

To follow a draft, there are three things you want to get informed about: the draft order, the top prospects, and team needs.  No matter how wrong mock drafts are, they do help inform you about those three things.

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