Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rod Serling is smoking in the foreground

I think I mostly agree with this Jim Souhan column.


  1. Purple Guy9:31 PM

    Here's the deal. We have all the talent to make a lot of noise in the play offs. One BIG question mark is still quarterback. We don't need a 40 T.D. season, we simply can't have stupid mistakes from this position, i.e. Eagles int. off Tavaris in the first round. Harvin needs to stay healthy and clean to keep the pressure off Adrian and our offense will roll up big numbers. Defense will be top 5 against the run, and with E.J, back, we are greatly improved against the pass. Depth was added all around with a nice sleeper pick at right tackle. 12-4 and a shot at the big game. Stay healthy and we will win it all. Congrats on the new baby.

  2. I don't get what Souhan is trying to say.
    The column is just a long list of good and great players the vikings have picked up in the past 4 years.

  3. Anonymous12:13 PM

    really, how realistic is it to expect Harvin to do ANYTHING (other than stay out of trouble) his rookie season? Especially with the crap QB situation? He'll be lucky to have more than 2 TDs and 300 yards for the year. Tops.

  4. If the goal is a bunch of stats for Percy Harvin, I'm not sure what to expect. Of course, that's not the goal.

    The Vikings will be a run-first team with Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor. In the passing game, I'd expect Harvin to be AT BEST third option, behind Bernard Berrian and Taylor (and possibly Shiancoe). So no, I don't expect to see big numbers from him.

    However, the goal of the offense will be to consistently pick up first downs, get the ball down the field, and score touchdowns. Adding talented playmakers like Harvin helps a team toward that goal, regardless of the QB.

    No, don't draft Harvin for your fantasy team--I wouldn't expect more than 500 receiving yards from him. But I don't care about that question. What I want to know is: will he help the Vikings move the ball? 1-2 plays a game from Harvin could help them do that.

  5. Harvin has to show up before he can do any of that.

  6. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Harvin played his best in the biggest games in college. Let's hope that he keeps that edge as a pro and keeps his nose clean.

    Failing your weed test at the combine is pure stupidity and shows real immaturity, but I agree with Purple Guy in regard to the QB situation. A team could have ten good receivers, but if you have a mediocre QB it will kill all of your talent advantage.

    I'm hoping that Rosenfels wins the battle because Jackson doesn't have it. I'm sorry but the kid is too green and it shows. The Vikes should have won the first two games of last season and would have if Gus had started them.

    I also think that Frerotte earned the starting nod for the playoffs with his 8-3 record and Chilly probably didn't give him a sniff because he is all over T-Jack's sack. And I am not that fond of Frerotte, but his regular season play should have counted for something.

    It was the playoffs and the more experienced man should have been considered first, dinged up or not.

  7. Frerotte's regular-season play did count for something. His 12/15 TD/Int ratio in 11 games, I'm sure, counted for quite a bit.

    Tarvaris Jackson was 8-4 as a starter in 2007.

    "His first name is Naufahu, which means "1-yard reception" in Tonga."


  8. Anonymous8:43 PM

    No one is saying Frerotte was the answer. Hey T-Jack was 9/12 TD/Int Ratio in 12 starts in that 2007 season on an 8-8 team that lost to the Lions, Chiefs and the Pack twice. Plus he avereged a whopping 117 yards passing per start this year, he had one good game at Arizona, most of his positive stats were directly related to that one game.

    At least Gus was right at 200 yards a game and threw for almost 2200 yards this year in 11 games. Let's face it, Gus can't take a hit anymore and that is obvious, but he was at least enough of a threat to keep the secondary off the line of scrimmage on every play.

    T-Jack, for the most part is not a threat and most of his success in 2007 was decent defense: example(the Giants game, the Niners game and at the Bears.) Plus a lot of A.P. and Chet Taylor.

    The point is, we are right at the brink of a Superbowl contending team with the mix of talent that we have. Shouldn't the absolutely best QB we can muster be leading this team?