Wednesday, October 10, 2007

wwtb? on text messaging

What was that bang? dislikes the effect of text messaging on language, and now blames Peter King for the decline of language in his recent Epic Carnival post, "Peter King quotes Text Message, Hastens Fall of Civilization."


  1. Vick made a mistake, he caused Dogs to die.
    Peta is not satisfied, just like the Dogs Vick raised,animal lovers go in for the kill.Not happy to make a point, they them selves attack, use a rape stand which is the media to prove their

    What is more Humane raising dogs to kill or attacking in zealous abandon upon a helpless victum.
    I read how a town because of a stupid childish instance causes 3 nooses to be hung.Another child gets beat almost to death even though not part of the first crime.
    Yet the clamor is a Race card.
    Somehow I am missing something here.Vick killed a few dogs and his life is ruined.Everyone that knew him has distanced themselves not wanting anything to do with him.
    6 americans beat another american down yet it is wrong because the 1 was white and the six was black.
    The white child was in the wrong.He was stupid to be white and have nothing to do with the nooses being hung in previous months before.
    No harm was caused to the tree or the ropes that was hung from said tree.
    Justice was served by the 6 blacks beating upon 1 white who had no idea what was happening.
    This instance in no way implies there is imbalance of social views anywhere in the US.
    While we are in never never land the Vikes will go 13-3 this year.

  2. I deleted my long, disordered responses. I can summarize thusly:

    I abhor violence and find it unjustifiable, but a history and context of racial tension, inequality, discrimination, intimidation, and violence cannot be ignored.

  3. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Can I ask just for my own benefit, how the first comment is related to the post?

    I am lost on why this diatribe on Race, Vick, and justice is posted here?

  4. haha I have not read "Peter King quotes Text Message, Hastens Fall of Civilization" but I am really captivated by the description that you made here, and I can't wait more, I will read it and see what you are talking about