Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Blizzard

Look at the Timberwolves' roster. There are currently 11 players on the roster born between 1981 and 1986. Win or lose, I actually think it's going to be fun watching the Wolves this year.

According to the Star Tribune, "Vikings coach Brad Childress said Peterson's role 'will increase as we go through the rest of the football season.'" That's a good thing. I've clearly stated that Childress is wise to mix up Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor to keep Peterson healthy and effective. Mixing them up, however, still means Peterson should be the primary back over Taylor, and needs to get 20+ touches. Of course, if you mix it up and struggle offensively, failing to pick up first downs and thus failing to run very many plays, Peterson might be underused (as he was against Dallas). If you can control the clock, churn out first downs, and sustain drives, then it's possible to get both your RBs 20+ carries (as the Vikes did against Chicago). Honestly, if I had this Viking team in Madden, I would just go to an old college football strategy, and run first, second, and (if possible) third down with Adrian Peterson, Chester Taylor, and Mewelde Moore. Don't bother establishing a passing game.

The Pioneer Press says Kelly Holcomb probably starts for the Vikes this Sunday.

Daily Norseman discusses the Viking QB situation.

Dr. Z goes off on the quarterback rating stat. I agree--I've never paid attention to the rating and I never will. I feel there are all sorts of numbers for a QB that you can analyze to understand his performance, and there's no reason to try simplify that into one meaningless number. With a QB, you can look at completion percentage, yards per attempt, yards per completion, TD passes, INTs, and yards. All those numbers can tell me something about a QB's performance during a game or season. A rating? Nothing. It means nothing to me.

I like that new show Cavemen, so this Outsports post on "The caveman as sex symbol" is sort of amusing.

At Deadspin, Bethlehem Shoals writes interesting bits on Dirk Nowitzki and on LeBron James.

The Starting Five has a piece up on "The Influence of the Black Athlete on Our Children."

Dave Zirin responds to Jason Whitlock's very odd and awkward column on race in the NFL (also posted at the Starting Five).

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  1. I could bore you with analysis about how my Madden strategy is similar to what you said...but I won't. Because personal Madden stories are boring. But it does work.