Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tuesday Night Blizzard

Back when the Vikings had a good offense (it wasn't that long ago), a trip to Soldier Field was a dreadful experience all around. The Vikes haven't won at Soldier Field since 2000: everything about the Bears and Chicago seemed specifically designed to make the Vikings suck. Now, with a team based on defense and running, and coming off a weekend without a Viking game, I'm just looking forward to the game.

Peter King quotes Trent Green's text message in text message speak (or should I say, txt mssg spk). What was that bang? will have more to say on this subject soon.

Football Outsiders compares Tom Brady's great start to other parts of his career and to other great quarterbacking stretches.

The Star Tribune reports that Tarvaris Jackson says he is ready to play.

The Pioneer Press talks to Viking players after the bye.

Daily Norseman convinces himself to be excited for the Vikings.

Vikings.com notes that the Viking-Cowboy game in a few weeks has been moved to 3:15. If this were a home game, I would start bitching now and would not stop until after the game. It's a road game, so "meh."

Tom Powers starts a column with a joke about the Vikings losing to the bye week. Seriously. He really does. Next week he may tell us just why the chicken crossed the road (via Viking War Cry).

Cold, Hard Football Facts has an interesting Bendability Index and Scoreability Index.

Dr. Z talks about "Fear-driven football," giving coaches some hell.

tells fantasy owners to trade Steve Smith while you can; he sucks without Jake Delhomme. I put this on my blog because I already failed to try trade Steve Smith to other Hazelweirders, and now I'll just keep him. I did manage to buy low on Larry Johnson, who I actually don't expect to be good this season but it's worth the shot.

Every so often I like to remind people I write at a few other (non-sports) blogs: Costanza Book Club, where I write about literature and ideas (for an estimated two regular readers, which actually liberates me to write whatever hocus pocus I want); We Have Mixed Feelings About Sven Sundgaard, about TV, frugality, and the Twin Cities (it started off as a collective effort, but my blogmates abandoned me--every day I think about abandoning it myself); and Cruelty-Free Mommy, which is my wife's blog about parenting where I make occasional contributions. So, if those things interest you, you can go look.


  1. Hey, if you're writing, I'm reading. Give me a minute to check out those other blogs, and I'll probably have things to say there too. (I love the Cruelty-free Mommy title especially; don't know what it means, like it anyway. :-) ).

  2. I'm a fan of the Costanza Book Club... good stuff there!