Friday, October 12, 2007

Vikings at Soldier Field

If the Vikings win a road game against the Bears, I'll believe.

The last time the Vikes won a road game against the Bears was when they were an 11-5 team with Daunte Culpepper, Robert Smith, Randy Moss, and Cris Carter.

Soldier Field has come to represent for me the mediocrity, the disappointment, the underachievement, the inconsistency, and the downright suckiness of the Vikings from 2001-2006. And if this Viking team can beat this Bear team on the road, at Soldier Field, symbolically, all that may be over.

If it happens, we may be ready for something different.

And then, I'll believe.


  1. A bye week is not going to make that much of a change. In four games this season it is starting to be a carbon copy of last season.
    There is something wrong and it needs to be addressed.4 QBs(albeit that 1 is very understandable)have played and cannot move and score. Either all the QBS suck, WRs suck, no screen plays being called for AP.Or the whole offensive scheme sucks.
    Something is not working, its badly broken and needs replace.

  2. Anonymous7:36 PM

    I'm 1-2 consecutive losses away from chalking this season up as a bust, and waiting till next year.

    I'll be happy when Chilly gets fired and we get a O coordinator that adjusts to what we have, as opposed to having a plan and trying to make the players fit.

  3. Anonymous7:59 PM


  4. I kind of wrote the season off as a loss.With TJ starting this year I had half-ass hopes that he would bring his A-GAME every week.But realizing that Childress was not going to change anything to fit his players style and strengths.That no matter what no QB,Brady,Manning could play in this Offense.Not that we dont have Talent, it just aint being used right.
    We have got some heavey weight on our Offensive front-line.Yet Chilldress is bound and determined to force them to zone blocking.These guys was hired for their size and strength not for their thinking ability. Bad thing is Defenses know this and pull one side or the other causing a mismatch.
    Granted we aint got the best hands on our WRs but use AP and Taylor set the Run going, a few Screens to either 1.Force those Defenses to go 1 on 1.Now Our WRs can be used effectivly which should all be done in the 1st Qtr.
    Defense We all know we got a great line here against the Run so Guess what Offenses are going to do on us. Pass of course,What do we do, Zone again, they get to pick our weak spots apart. And do so and score on a regular basis.
    Bevell Said AP didnt play second half cause they went to 2 minute offense. 2 Minute offense my ass more like a 10 minute drill to a FG.
    Sry I am not an offensive guru so I cant say excactly whats wrong here.

  5. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Good gravy, talking about more screen plays when there isn't a qb on the roster who has yet to show he can throw the ball 30 yards downfield with consistent accuracy is like talking about getting better handling charateristics out of an automobile with a 90 horsepower engine.

    Unitl you have a qb who can throw a reasonably accurate pass 30 yards downfield to a wide open receiver at least 7 out of 10 times, the scheme or playcalling don't matter much.

  6. We dont need 30 yard passes atm.A 5 yard screen to AP will prolly net 30 yards.
    Schemes and play calling should be done with strengths and weakness of your players in mind.
    I think the running game along with screens will settle TJ down and build some confidence.Plus will take some pressure off of the blitz.
    All of these things would work well with the Vikes as of now.The days of Moss tearing up the field are gone.At least here anyway.

  7. Hey Anonymous I think theres lumps in your good gravy.
    A smattering of Taylor, A healthy dose of AP a couple longshot passes makes fine Gravy for Bear Steaks.Add a 55 yard FG not a bad day.

  8. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Note that they actually had an accurate pass well downfield. You cannot operate an NFL offense without the ability to go downfield, and having such a credible threat is critical to Adrian Peterson having a long and productive career. It ain't 1973 anymore.