Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Tarvaris Revolution Begins Anew

Revolutions rarely take quickly. The French Revolution brought the Terror and an Empire and more Monarchy before it really brought a Republic.

So don't despair, Tarvaris revolutionaries. The Revolution lives. Tarvaris Jackson will likely return this Sunday (SI), and Tarvaris's early struggles are merely this Revolution's Reign of Terror. Perhaps we'll still have to endure a Napoleonic Empire and restoration of the Monarchy, but there is hope that the Revolution can still take root among a weary and wanting people.

Vive la Revolution!


  1. If Tony Romo can throw 5 picks and still be considered a good QB, then Tarvaris can rebound from throwing 4.

    Viva le Tarvaris Revolucion!

  2. Except Romo still got the win. People would have been all over him about the 5 picks(more so than they already are) if they would have lost.

  3. Winning is everything. T-Jack can throw 5 picks a game if he makes the game winning play I will forgive him.

  4. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Funny how Romo skates with the public after his kicker nails a 52 yard field goal, a luxury not allowed Jackson when Longwell missed a kick of about the same length. People really don't look at football rationally.

  5. Anonymous2:39 PM

    It's not all on the kicker, Romo also made plays in the passing game and threw touchdowns.

    If Tjack had been the QB last night Dallas would have lost by 2 touchdowns. I don't care if you throw 1 or 10 interceptions. A QB better find a way to put your team mates (RB, WR, TE, K) in a position for them to make plays and help you win.

  6. Cant just blame TJ, the Team mates have to block for him and get open and then catch the ball. It just TJs fault the Vikes are losing its the whole Team.
    This will be good for TJ aint like we got a real choice at the QB posistion.Unless Chilly is going to don some pads and show us how his KAO runs.
    What will be will be.

  7. And a QB also has to put his team into a position to recover an onside kick...wait...what?

    It's a team game. In the case of last night's game, Romo did more to hurt his team than to help it, but the team as a whole was able to overcome his mistakes (like the defense only giving up 3 points of its own, or the special teams recovering an onside kick). Sure, he made plays to help the team win. But that doesn't mean he should be given too much credit for putting his kicker in position to make a 52 yarder, when he should also be given blame for 5 INTS (2 which led directly to opposing TDS, which is the entire reason the team needed plays in the end in the first place).

  8. Anonymous4:58 PM

    I was speaking more towards the statement about romo having 5 ints and not getting ripped like TJack. To me it shows he has promise as a QB, he can have a Favre like day and toss 5 picks, but still put Witten and the offense in a position to win the game.

    Would Dallas have won that game with Tarvaris as their QB?

    Has Jackson ever thrown 2 tds in a game, or had a receiver go over 100 yds and a td?

    I like TJack, but he hasn't done anything to make me believe he'll be anything other than a career backup.

  9. Anonymous5:47 PM

    If Jackson merely avoids the pick sixes, the Cowboys probably win 10-6.

  10. Of course TJ aint going to do anything right his first year as a starter.Most QB s that make it in The NFL say it took them 3 years to grasp the Game.
    TJ has what 4 games in 2 years and everyone expects him to be the greatest.And be honest what do we really have in the WR corps.Except for Rice who has shown a glimmer no one else has stood out except AP.Dallas wanted that win together as a team and they pulled it out.When the Vikes hit the 2 minute drill they look like the Keystone Kops.You cant compare the 2 we are leagues away from clicking and it is as a whole team.